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3 Key Benefits of Using Video To Promote Your Business

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What are the benefits? You might ask. Well, the business world has advanced to the level that unless you are promoting yourself and your business through video, you are definitely leaving a huge sale on the table. You don’t want to do that if you are serious about your business, so keep reading to understand the 3 Key Benefits of Using Video To Promote Your Business and how to apply them for your growth.

Just before diving into the Key Benefits, I want to cite a mall piece from a nice article “The Power of Video Makes Sales More Powerful” by Jeff Gadway, the former Director of Product Marketing at Vidyard.

“The best reference customers may not have the time or desire to be available for more than a limited number of opportunities. Video allows the best customer references to be brought into every deal, on-demand.”

You get the point, so let’s move on to the 3 Key Benefits of Using Video To Promote Your Business.

High Conversation Rate

Considering the power of video as a media element, this is almost a given. Such a fine and simple approach as including video on your landing page can increase conversions by about 80%! Different studies have demonstrated that viewing a persuasive video presentation can influence buying behaviour and easily convert a mere visitor into a paying client. As a business owner, you need to know how to properly convey the right emotions through your video presentation and it will become a good selling tool at your disposal!

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The People Are Asking For Video Contents

According to Hubspot, the most recent statistics show that video content isn’t just effective.  “The demand for it”, said the article, “16 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2019 Strategy” is growing at an impressively rapid pace:

  • 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers.
  • Latin America has the highest demand for video content in the world.
  • Overall, 83% of consumers worldwide prefer YouTube to watch video content.
  • Overall, 73% of consumers worldwide prefer seeing videos on social media that are “entertaining.”

Now, you know that video contents are in high demand for people, why not use it as a tool to reach them with your embedded sales message? Give the people what they want and grow your business empire.

Better Optimization For Search Engines

If you are online, doing business, you certainly want to be found and video just happens to make the whole process easier for you. Don’t you find that interesting? The whole reason why google will favour your contents through their search engine algorithm will be determined by your level of engagement with your viewers. Guess what, nothing entices people to stay longer on a page than the video does.

Now you have your visitors’ attention, what do you do with it? If you are there to do business, you should know the answer to that question.

Ok, that is it, the 3 Key Benefits of Using Video To Promote Your Business. Go out there and increase your usage of video to promote your business.

Did you find this article valuable to you? Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so you never miss any of our educational videos. Until next week, have a wonderful time.

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Obehi Ewanfoh

Obehi Ewanfoh

He is an author and instructor on self-improvement strategy. He is the founder of A-classes eLearning platform and he is extremely passionate about helping people to improve themselves so they can get more out of their lives. He lives with his family in Verona, Italy.

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