About us

Hi! I’m Obehi Ewanfoh. I’m a full-time content creator in Verona, Italy. I am the host and creator of Obehi Podcast, African Docs Project, AClasses Media, and a number of helpful niche websites.

My passion is to inspire others to develop their human potential, so they can live the life they truly want.

I am a student of life and I have given myself the permission to make a lot of mistakes and learn along the way.

I am originally from Nigeria. Coming to Italy in August of 2004, I found myself asking such questions as:

  • Who were the first Africans in the city of Verona where I have been living since then?
  • Being away from their homelands, what has been their experiences?
  • And How can I learn from them as a new immigrant in the northern Italian city of Verona?

That is how I started the research project, “THE JOURNEY: An African Migration To Northern Italy”. It’s this 2013 research project that eventually became AClasses Media and Content Academy, now serving people from different parts of the world.

Do you want to create quality content and make money from it?

Yes, you too can join this adventure of living your dream and inspiring the people around you. See you inside the membership program.