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Bridging The Diaspora Divide

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For the people of African descent to survive in their current onslaught, both home and in the diaspora, they must organize themselves in smaller and in larger groups and act with common objectives. There are no other alternatives available.  

In terms of the engine to restart the Africa social-political situation and for the people to claim their true position in the global affair, there is a hidden strength that is hardly ever talked about and it’s the African human resource, both home and in the diaspora. If well harnessed, it will surpass all the obstacles that might have been standing against the African progress.

Africans Are Already Geopolitically Located

Globally, Africans in the Diaspora are spread out across all the continents of the world, meaning a geopolitical strength already as it stands. In North America, for example, there is well over 39 million African Diaspora; 113 million in Latin America; 13.6 million in the Caribbean; and 3.5 million in Europe, the World Bank estimates.

That is a huge resource, no doubt about that. But like every other rescue, it can be useful or useless, depending on how it is organized. It used to be said that knowledge is power, an idea which could easily apply to resource, but that is no longer correct. Just like resources, knowledge is no longer power but the correct application of it is; and resources are no longer strength but depending on how it’s organized and used.   

The Most Fragmented As A Community Of People

The African Diaspora though runs into several million in population, with a huge percentage of highly educated and competent individuals, is actually one of the most fragmented groups of people in the entire world. In other words, the African Diaspora as a community of people are powerless as evident, and can easily be exploited by any other group of similar nature. This should surprise you if you really think of it.

This is true whether you are talking of the Africans in Europe, the huge population of American-Americans, no matter how educated they might appear, or the largest of the Africans in Diaspora, the Africans in the Caribbean with over 100 million people.

They all suffer from a similar fate, little or no economic and political power, no organized influence, beyond certain limitations.

Of religion and spirituality, intelligence gatherings, and military strategy, there is nothing outside of the colonial masters or the arrangement of western imperialism. And these compounded with the non-functioning politics in continental Africa, the Africans in the diaspora are as good as defeated in the face of any real challenge, except for one option, uniting all their forces together and watching over it.

The Solution Is Bridging The Diaspora Divide

But how did we get divided in the first place? Well, the people who formed the African diaspora came to be so through a combination of a complicated story – from slavery to the mass-immigration from a diversity of groups in Africa. And they have all been carefully married into an effective system that has been in place for more than 400 years: “the Divide and Rule strategy”. This is an effective mechanism and it’s deeply rooted in the African community to keep the people separated.

Do you wonder why, for example, in nearly all the cases of assassinations of African true leaders, home and in the Diaspora, whether you are referring to Thomas Sankara, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and a whole list of others, there have been another African doing the killing, even though other people have engineered the operation for their own interest?

Do you wonder why many African countries prefer to do businesses more with their colonial masters in Europe than with their African neighbours, even though both logically thinking and the cost of doing business, the latter is what is needed to develop the local economies and create jobs for the local population?

Do you wonder why even in little groups, many African migrants in the Diaspora are trapped within petty competitions among themselves, in issues that do not advance them in any significant ways, except to prove to their western friends that they know better than their fellow Africans?

We can go on and on with similar examples. In fact, going to explain the detail of how the divide and rule strategy and the miss-education of the African people have kept them where they are today will take us more than just this short article to explain, and I certainly do not want to dwell on apportioning blames on the Europeans for African predicaments. That is not my line of thought, so we are going to return to where we started, the solution – bridging the diaspora divide.

That is where we will benefit and that is our interest as a group of people. And talking of diaspora as a group is far deeper than just the social-phycology of the term, “Group”. In reality, it is a biological question and the very essence of life as a community of people. For the African people to survive their current onslaughts, both home and in the diaspora, they must organize themselves in smaller and larger groups and act with a common objective. There are no other alternatives available.   

The Indians are Indians because they have their own unique way of seeing politicize; defending their Indian values of spirituality and their understanding of life, not because they are better duplicates of the Europeans or other people in the world. What is true of the Indians is equally true of the Chines, the Italians, the Germans, or the Israelis, who by virtue of their organization are able to build a business together and affect their community both home and abroad.

This is the basics of life and it’s what sets human beings apart from other forms of life on earth. The equation is a simple one: if you organize yourself, your resources, and your possibilities, you have the chance of doing exploits. On the alternative, you will remain the lowest of the earth and continue to feed on the dust, because lower than that you cannot go.

Let’s Not Be Deceived

The fight for self-actualization is a personal struggle and that is how it has always been and had ever made any sense. The salvation of Africa and Africans will only come through the combined effort of the African people. The Americans will never save Africans; the Chinese will not do it, and definitely not the Europeans.

So, as a people, we must rise to the question, to the only solution we know, which is building together as one, irrespective of what we have been told to separate us; irrespective of the damages we have done to ourselves over the years.

It’s time to rise from the dust and forgive ourselves, for the sake of ourselves. It’s time to start reorganizing ourselves for our common survival as a people.

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