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Charlize Theron: Motivational Monday

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She is a South African-American actress and producer. She is the recipient of several awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, an American Cinematheque Award, and the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

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She is best known for her roles in such films as Monster, Snow White, the Huntsman, The Fate of the Furious and the Atomic Blonde. Theron is definitely a familiar face in the American make-believe industry, Hollywood. But how did she come from South Africa to become a star in the most prestigious movie industry in the world? We will find out soon.

Early Life In South Africa

Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa, on August 7, 1975. She grew up on her parents’ farm in Benoni, near Johannesburg.

The household of Theron was a rather problematic one, and as his father struggled with alcoholism, he became both aggressive and physically abusive. In 1991, when Theron was only 15 years old, her father violently attacked her and her mother, and young Theron watched as her mother shot and killed her drunk father. The murder was declared an act of self-defence, and Theron’s mother was never charged with a crime.

Although Theron saw herself as a dancer, at 16, Theron entered a Johannesburg modelling contest, which she won and so moved with her mother to Milan, Italy. After a year of modelling across Europe, she and her mother moved to the United States.

As she would later recall to the New York Times in 2008: “I went to New York for three days to model, and then I spent a winter in New York in a friend’s windowless basement apartment. I was broke, I was taking a class at the Joffrey Ballet, and my knees gave out. I realized I couldn’t dance anymore, and I went into a major depression.”

I know and maybe you do too. As immigrants or people who have left their home countries to live in overseas, depression in one argument that is hardly ever talked about, and it affects a lot and lots of people among the migrant community. It should never be underestimated because it’s doing more harm than you think.

Depression, according to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation is predicted to soon become the leading cause of disability worldwide.

In the future, we will spend some time looking into this argument and consider some expert analyses and ways to protect ourselves from this big and terrifying monster, we often allow to destroy our happiness.

After The Dancing Career

After abandoning her dancing career, Theron decided to pursue acting instead and moved to Los Angeles. But then, there was another obstacle to flip through, her Afrikaner accent was a barrier in landing her speaking roles. As a remedy, she turned to TV and after watching hours of television, she managed to hide her South African ascents and instead adapt to the American style. Then the situation turned out to be much better.

Her Film Career

The year is 1994, Theron is still destitute who wanted to make money from a South African account but a bank teller would not allow her and therefore a serious argument between them, with all the attention slowly turning towards them.

Theron soon earned the attention of a fellow bank patron, John Crosby, a Hollywood manager who represented talents and he immediately offered to sign her. Within months, Theron would make her acting debut in a small role in Children of the Corn III in 1995. Soon after that role was a much larger part in “2 Days in the Valley”, a 1996 crime film written and directed by John Herzfeld. That was followed by another role in “That Thing You Do”, a musical comedy film, directed by Thomas Hanks.

Other most important films that helped Theron establish herself in Hollywood include roles in The Cider House Rules and The Devil’s Advocate. Then, she went on to give an Oscar-winning performance as a serial killer in Monster in 2003; she acted also in other films as North Country in 2005, Young Adult in 2011, Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012, and the Atomic Blonde in 2017.

What Can You Take Away From This Story?

Let it be your determination to survive and pursue your dream, no matter the obstacles on your way. I don’t know what you went through yesterday, Sunday, or the days before. But this is Monday and this is another day and another opportunity for you to renew yourself and remain focus on your goal.

Did you find this article valuable to you? Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so you never miss any of our educational videos. Until next week, have a wonderful time.

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Obehi Ewanfoh

Obehi Ewanfoh

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