Note Taking System For Ultimate Result

Note Taking System For Ultimate Result

Learn how to use simple steps to effectively take notes and retain only the right knowledge.


Class Description

Discover how to use simple steps to effectively take notes and retain only the right knowledge. This video class was designed to help you develop an easy-to-follow note taking system that will turn your scribbles into a ‘note’-worthy study program.

Included In The Class

  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Certificate of Completion (on request)
  • Lifetime Access to the class
  • Videos on demand
  • Available on Computer, Tablet and TV

More Info

Does note taking feel like an ongoing battle for you? Are you the one who will rather leave everything in your head instead of writing it down? Do you feel a sign of panic rising whenever you have to pick up a pen and paper as the speaker starts talking, Or Do you so like notes taking notes that you write and write and write, only to end up with so much information that you can no longer find the important details in it? Remember that the whole essence of the information you put down is to serve your needs, and unless it does that, it’s almost a waste of time and resources. If you are like the many people out there who have difficulty taking notes or feel that their notes do not serve them, then this video class is perfectly right for you.

One important thing you must keep in mind is that note taking is NOT the same as transcribing. I know that some people do mistake one for another and that is why they find it difficult to use their notes after conferences or lecturers. Take note of that. There are ways to take notes without having to write down every single word you hear. For a perfect note taking, you should only focus on the details, the most important and useful information you will need afterwards. This is what separates you from the amateurs out there. In this class, you will learn a great system of note taking that will amplify your skills by reducing the time you spend taking notes. You will also learn how to shorten your notes while at the same time getting much more out of them.


Who Is This Class For?

  • This class is perfect for you if you do anything that involves time management

lessons in this class

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • Setting the Mood for Productive Note Taking
  • Note Taking Methods
  • Asana’s Unique Features
  • Evernote’s Unique Features
  • Easy-to-Use Audio Players
  • Reviewing and Editing Your Note
30 days money back guarantee
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