THE JOURNEY: An African Migration to Northern Italy, 1976 till Date

THE JOURNEY: An African Migration To Northern Italy, 1976 Till Date

Learn about the human experience in their immigration journey


Class Description​

In this class, you will learn about the untold story of African migrants to (northern) Italy and why they have left their home countries, what they have encountered in their immigration journey all these years, and now with their children, what future lies ahead.

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More Info

Have you ever wondered why people undergo untold stress, travelling several kilometres to cross into other countries, abandoning their friends and love ones, and have to learn new languages and how to live with new people, and in most of the cases as an unplanned journey?

Have you ever wondered how despite their limited preparation, they manage to survive in their new destinations, under some extreme hardship?

What about the future, the children, and the hard and ultimate question of many migrants: “Back to Base”, returning to their home countries of origin, after many years abroad? All these and many more are what you will learn in this class, hearing directly from the protagonists themselves.


What You Can Gain In This Class

By the end of this class, you will learn more about the human experiences of migrants than the general statistics and data that often quoted in the news. Of the Africans in northern Italy, 1976 till Date, you will learn:

  • What drove them from their home countries,
  • What many where doing before leaving their home countries to Europe,
  • Understand the fear and solitude that dominate the life of many migrants,
  • What many have gone through in Italy over the years,
  • How they are planning for their children future and,
  • Why despite their best intention, many never and will probably never return to stay in their countries of origin.


This class is designed to help you understand the human angle of immigration and to learn how to treat people as people, not as mere data or statistics. If you follow through to the end, you most certainly find yourself in some of the stories, whether you are a migrant or not.


Who Is This Class For?

This class is for everyone, especially for those who want to know the real story of migrants and their rapport with the local people.

lessons in this class

Section 01 – Africans in Verona

  • General Introduction
  • Before Leaving Their Home Countries
  • First Experience In Italy
  • Resident Permit
  • Resistance To African Presence In Italy
  • Early African Community In Verona
  • Back To Africa – But When?

Section 02 – The New Faces In A Neighbourhood

  • Introduction To Section 02
  • The Territories
  • Debate About Multicultural Society
  • Type Of Interaction Before The Arrival Of Migrants
  • Demographic Change In The Neighbourhoods
  • Fear As An Instrument Of Disharmony Among The People
  • The Need For New Dialogues
  • Bonus – Living The Neighbourhood

Section 03 – The Colour Of Our Children

  • Introduction To Section 03
  • They Rejected Me In School
  • Psychological Effects Of Discrimination Against Children
  • Cultural Diversity Within The Schools
  • The Difficulties Of Migrant Families
  • The Expectations Of Parents And Teachers
  • Italian Citizenship And The Children Of Immigrants
  • Cultural Mediators In Italian Schools
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