Do you want to learn how to build your own profitable online business? How about a business model that can earn you money on a regular basis?

In this online training class, you will learn how to tap into the new e-Commerce business of today and start earning money in full automation!

what is E-commerce?

In it’s simplest form, E-commerce is an online business activity where people buy and sell their goods and services over the Internet.

Looking around you today, you can see that it is the best business model you can start and profit from, tapping into the power of Internet.

With a growth rate of 40.3% from 2019, according to Digital Commerce 360 estimates, eCommerce sales were predicted to reach some $839.02 billion by the end of 2020.

You don’t want to be left behind in this huge business opportunity. Do you?

What you can Benefit from Commerce business

Who Is This Class For?

This training class is designed for all smart people who want to learn how to tap into the new eCommerce business of today and start earning money regularly!

If that sounds like what you are interested in, then you are in the right place. Let’s get started and right away.

Let’s just say that whoever you are and can offer a service to other people, you should really consider checking out eCommerce because there are enormous opportunities out there waiting for you.

The first step will be, knowing what products or services you want to render to people online. Sometimes, knowing what products or services to provide to the people is the most difficult part of starting an online business.

But don’t worry, this online training class of 30 different lessons on eCommerce will have you covered.

What You Will Learn In The Class

What you are about to discover was designed to give you a step-by-step, and actionable strategy you need to profit from your online business and become your boss.

For the majority of people out there who have been working for others, this might sound like just a mere fantasy, but it doesn’t have to be so!

Ecommerce is the biggest online opportunity right now, and you need to learn to take advantage of it, serve the needs of the people, and keep money flowing to your bank account even while you sleep. 

Below are the 30 lessons that will set up in this new online business strategy.

Part 1: Amazon

  1. Why Be An Amazon Affiliate?
  2. How To Register For Amazon Affiliate Program,
  3. How To Get Amazon Affiliate Approval,
  4. How To Identify Bestsellers On Amazon,
  5. Keywords Research (Google Adword, Google Trend),
  6. Your Amazon Affiliate Site Blueprint,
  7. Ultimate Copy Formula For Your Website Post,
  8. How To Get Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Site,
  9. How To Optimize Your Landing Page,
  10. How To Scale Your Amazon Affiliate Business,


Part 2: Shopify

  1. Shopify At A Glance,
  2. Getting Started With Shopify,
  3. How To Set Up Your Shopify E-store,
  4. How To Identify Hot Selling Products For Your Shopify Store,
  5. Shopify Optimization,
  6. Launching Your E-store,
  7. How To Generate Traffic To Shopify,
  8. How To Optimize Your Store,
  9. Shopify Apps To Drive More Traffic,
  10. How To Start Your Affiliate Program As A Vendor,


Part 3: Starting Your E-Commerce Website

  1. Why You Should Start Your Own E-Commerce Business,
  2. Social Media Content Strategy,
  3. Targeting Your Traffic,
  4. Using Live Chat Services,
  5. How To Build Your E-Commerce Mailing List,
  6. Building Up Your Affiliate Army,
  7. Retargeting Marketing,
  8. Logistics Outsourcing,
  9. Online To Offline,
  10. Secrets To Boosts Your E-Commerce Sales.

If you are ready, there is no need to wait. Click on the enrolment button and let’s get started with the training videos.

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