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Covid19’s Impact On Our Lives: Alberta Viala

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Thank you for joining us today in our continuation of covid19 series. In this video, we are going to be discussing how to renew our mindsets as Africans and take up the responsibility of building the kind of Africa that we want.

In light of what is happening around us today, due to the covid19 pandemic and wherever we might find ourselves right now as an African, it’s highly likely that you are unhappy with the way many Africans are passing through the troubles in their various African countries, and it has all easily been blamed on poor leadership and organisational ability in Africa.

Sharing with us in this video is Alberta Viala, A concern black woman who feels that our leaders are digging the grave for all Africans.

In this video interview, we are going to look at different parts of the arguments from a Pan-African point of view. During the conversation, the guest will offer some recommendations on what needs to be done to address the concerns. 

A lot of questions have been raised across the places and it all seems to fall back on us, as the African people, our mindset and our ways of handling different issues, including those of urgent concerns.

In this video, we will try to respond to a series of questions relating to African self-actualization, from the non-functioning leadership to the responsibility of the ordinary African. And the underline message is very clear as we prepare for post covid19 and it’s this:

The African human capital needs to be redeveloped to meet the demand of our current time and the new knowledge-based economy so we can compete by taking up the challenge of showcasing the beautiful face of Africa in the world.

This new challenge rests solely on the shoulders of the sons and daughters of Africa, both home and abroad and they need to live up to the expectation. Sharing with us in this video is Alberta Viala, a concerned black woman who feels that our leaders are digging the grave for all Africans.

Obehi Ewanfoh

Obehi Ewanfoh

The founder of Aclasses.org. Primary area of focus - Book writing and Online Training Classes on Self-improvement & Human Capital Development. My mission, through books and Online Training Classes, is helping people to transform their human potentials into capital so they can better serve themselves and the society they live in.

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