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Covid19’s Impact on Our Lives: Andrew Enantomhen

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Thank you for joining us today in our continuation of covid19 series. In this video, we are going to be discussing the Nigerian political situation as it affects the ordinary Nigerians under the covdi19 lockdown.

Terms like corruption among the Nigerian political elites, unprogressively mindset, the lack of political will and plan for the future are going to dominate this conversation.

And at the end and in-between the conversation, there will be some recommendations or what should be addressed to fix some of the issues raised.    

Being a young politician and activist himself, with fresh blood in the complex politics in Nigeria, the guest will also look into the future with better engagement with younger people and what necessary changes need to be put in place to chart a new course for the Nigerian politics. Currently, as it stands, Nigeria is plagued by many defects that can be summed up as followed: lack of quality leadership and organisational deficiency.

All these and many more are what Enantomhen Andrew, member of the Nigeria civil society organizations will be responding to in this video interview.

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Obehi Ewanfoh

Obehi Ewanfoh

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