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Do you want to develop your passion for Content writing? If you are new here, content writing refers to the process of creating text-based content. This will usually include planning, writing, and editing some existing content such as blog posts. Join our Content Creation Academy.

Though not always, most content writings are for marketing purposes and I am almost certain that you are here for the same reason.

With me in Obehi podcast to discuss this topic today is Eunice Oladokun. She is joining me in Nigeria via skype.

Some Key Points in This Episode

  • How to develop your passion for content writing,
  • Creating a vision for your writing,
  • Making money with your writing.

The Full Interview with Eunice Oladokun

About The Guest: Eunice Oladokun

Eunice is a young, evolving, and forward-thinking recent graduate with a career interest in personal finance, corporate finance, and management consulting. Eunice is equally interested in strategy, operations, learning, and development with a focus on education (MDG 4), commercial banking, start-ups, financial technology (FinTech), and FMCG.

From pursuing an advanced program with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria to showing a strong interest in developing top-notch financial and management skills, she has demonstrated grit, drive, and pursuit of knowledge and stands her a chance for an outstanding career in finance.

Outside finance and everything corporate, she writes content for various purposes. With five years of experience, she has created intriguing, entertaining, and faith-based content for academic purposes, blogs, writing firms, and media houses.

With a knack for strategy, finance, education, market research, and digital communication, she has written articles on B2B, and feature writing for payment services in Fintech and other digital communications.

Beyond this, she has a newsletter community where she shares everything about faith, love, career, womanhood, and lifestyle.

She enjoys volunteering for NGOs, she likes intelligent conversations on finance, education, and the Christian faith. She has an unfeigned love for brainstorming with team members to create solutions to existing problems and likely challenges.
Eunice is open to internship offers capable of capitalizing on both soft and professional skills, a learning experience in the finance industry, and an opportunity to learn about the corporate environment, and equally open to writing contracts that will allow her to flex her writing muscles.

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