Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?

From the date of your subscription or purchase, you have 30 days of grace within which we can refund you your money, if you not are satisfied. After that date you will no longer be qualified for refund. However, you can always cancel your subscription anytime you want.

For how long can I access the class?

You have access to the class for a lifetime. To be sure that the class best serve your interest, we regularly ask for feedback and improve the class contents and you also have access to those updates.

What will I get by signing up for A-classes membership?

This is the most interesting part of our e-Learning project. We have designed a robust package for those who want unlimited access to all our classes and there is even more to it. You will have access to our premium classes that might not be publicly displayed, but reserved for our premium members.

Is the class always online?

Yes, all our classes are online for you to access anytime, anywhere. After your subscription or enrollment, the class(s) is yours to take with you.

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