Historical Background Of The Project

THE JOURNEY: An African Migration To Northern Italy, 1976 To Date

Originally started as a research project into the presence of African migrants in the city of Verona, from 1976 onwards

This project has been very interesting to us from the start. When we started in early 2013, the intention was simply to do a small test research on the presence of African people in Verona, having just finished a course of filmmaking online with the New York Film School Direct. But we soon fell in love with the project, and what the people were telling us about their experiences was so interesting that we eventually broke up the project into the current 4 parts.

  • The Journey – Africans In Verona
  • New Faces Of A Neighbourhood
  • The Colour Of Our Children
  • We Refugees – Verona 2016

While we continued the project with our limited resources, we got a lot of satisfaction both within the migrant community, the Italian people and many cultural institutions. The videos were screened across different places, from the multiple times at the University of Verona, the University of Padua, University of Brescia, Gorizia and many other places.

In fact, the debates that were created during all these screenings and presentations did not only serve as a source of encouragement to us, they equally helped us to understand that the society was interested in the conversation we were proposing. And that these African protagonists were equally happy to share their years of migration experiences so that people could hear their versions of the story for the first time.

The question now is, do you want to hear these uncommon stories that have kept a lot of people thinking? Do you want to know why these Africans left their homes and came to Northern Italy, from 1976 till date, what they passed through and why some never returned to their home countries?

The Journey - Africans in Verona

This is the first part of the project and its target was to analyse the experiences of the first African migrants in Verona/Veneto within the last 30-43 years. 

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New Faces Of a Neighbourhood

The objective of the second part of the project was to explore the territories where most of the first Africans stayed when they first came. 

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The Colour Of Our Children

This story was actually the first we separated from the original project and it’s about not too interesting elements in the Italian educational system.

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We Refugees - Verona 2016

This is the 4th part of the project and it’s equally very important in its own right. It’s the part that represents the political aspect of the story, more than any other.

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Classes are currently in production. Meanwhile you can get our two books from the research to read be clicking below. The books (The Journey – Africans in Verona and The Colour Of Our Children) are available both in Italian and in English.