How Instagram Algorithm Functions In 2021

Like other social media, Instagram has an algorithm that determines how contents are ranked on Instagram’s feed or story. These algorithms change frequently. Its highest ranking contents on the feed today might become the average tomorrow; that’s why a brand or business seeking to attain visibility should get updated on her the algorithm works currently.

As a user of the platform, you need to be transparent in getting sufficient information to help your posts be among the first ranked contents on Instagram’s feed.

Most times, brands get frustrated because their posts don’t get many views, likes, and comments. Having foreknowledge on the current strategy on how the algorithm works will help to alleviate the frustration people often feel. This, however, will enable users to stand out amidst their competitors. The way the Instagram algorithm works is a question that seamlessly confuses the Instagrammers.

Looking for ways to optimize your brand’s posts on the Instagram story or feed?

Okay, here we will share how the algorithm works and tips on how to get maximum engagement for your business.

What’s The Meaning Of the Instagram Algorithm?

As Instagram has lid off its algorithm works in 2021, we would like to clarify what the algorithm entails.

Like website SEO, the Instagram algorithm is smart and beneficial programming that decides the ranking given to each content posted on the platform. It’s hard for users to get in touch with their family, friends, and favourite brand posts because they queue down the feed.

For the sake of emphasis, Instagram created a personalized feed that they believe will help each user view, like, and react to their friends, family, and brand’s posts. The newly adopted Instagram algorithm displays videos and photos from the user’s interest than it was before.

The Core Factors That Influence The Work Of The Engagement:  

Your Instagram feed is built up from the combination of your Instagram behaviours. Your engagement on people’s posts through your likes, comments, and accounts you follow, Instagram algorithm displays more content they feel that captures your interest. This behaviour transfers a signal to the Instagram algorithm, and it, in turn, shows your followers or audience a better opportunity to interact with your brands and like your posts.

In essence, develop a good Instagram behaviour that will help you attract more audience to your business. Visibility can be achieved by sole engagement on people’s posts that they consistently share. 


Usage typically refers to the way you utilize your Instagram account. Do you log into your account daily or hourly?

It’s crystal clear that the more time you spend in your Instagram account, the more the algorithm digs further to show you posts.

Some people rarely log in to their account whenever a user decides to open their account. No matter how long you last logged in, the algorithm will start from there to display old contents to new ones. That’s why it’s very important to use your app if you want your brand to reach its online presence.


Maintaining a good relationship is one of the goals of Instagram. It would not you to miss your friends, family, and favourite brand’s contents, so whenever you log in to your device, the algorithm endeavours to show you posts from your favourite brands and celebrity. This way, standardize relationship goals are reached.

As a brand struggling to get a high rank in Instagram feed for your target audience to reach you out, it’s time you saddle up and post contents that resonate with your audience’s mind and emotions. Remember to post quality content to quantity.


As much as the Instagram AI pays intent attention to the number of engagements your posts get, the algorithm also minds the time each contends was shared. As Instagram is concerned with serving the latest posts, content

shared long ago can be ranked, except the Instagrammer reposts the content again.


The Instagram algorithm tends to share the content of those people you follow and those following you. The number of contents that appear on your feed determines the number of people you follow and those who follow you. Attract many followers that will increase the visibility of your posts. 

How The Instagram Algorithm Works On Your Story.

Instagram stories that appear when you open your device are from the account you had engagements with through likes, reactions, DMs, comments, and reshared posts.

The algorithm makes it easier to rank those accounts you had interacted with previously. Posting regularly on the Instagram story is the easiest way to get vicinity on the platform as your followers will reach you, thereby promoting your brand’s presence.

It’s advisable to posts consistently on the Instagram story as it will nudge the algorithm to better rank your content, thus; increasing your visibility.

How The Instagram Algorithm Work On Instagram Reels.

Instagrams reel permits you to create a short, entertaining video on the platform just like other social media channels like Tiktok, Snapchat, Triller. The reel enables you to create videos and share them with friends and customers. The algorithm helps to optimize the video contents to the accounts you associate most with and the type of posts you engage. The Instagram algorithm does this based on the content; it thinks you like most.

How The Instagram Algorithm functions On The Explore page.

The Instagram explore page works similarly with your feed, but this shows your contents from an entirely new account which you can follow, like, and comment on their posts. The algorithm helps to rank your content on the explore page and enables a new audience to get in touch with your brand.

Five Helpful Tips To Increase Your posts ranking.

  1. Post content when your followers are active.

Always respond to people’s comments on your posts; it will lead to an intent conversation.

  1.  Use a popular niche hashtag to drive the conversation.
  1.   Welcome direct messages and endeavour to respond quickly.
  1. Endeavor to build a healthy relationship with your followers

As written by Juliet Emmanuel

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