Intriguing Ways Instagram Can Increase The Productivity Of Your Business

As modern generations emerge, the use of social media to generate leads for brands becomes easy. Instagram, since its inception, has been a great avenue for a brand to establish its awareness. Like other social media, Instagram has been the most suitable place where brands, whether big or small, can acquire a wider audience. Other social media are useful to some extent, but Instagram makes it more useful for brands to market their products due to its transparency.

Statistics show that a greater population in India, USA, and Brazil, etc., make use of Instagram daily. Also proves that Instagram has up to 800 billion daily users. Apparently, millennials make more use of Instagram, and this gives International brands more opportunity to increase their productivity.

If you are a small business owner but do not make use of social media, Instagram to be exact, how then will you attract new customers? As the young population prefers using Instagram to leg up to their exposure, businesses should also create a business account that attracts potential customers to their brand.

Instagramers are active shoppers, about 50% of the people in the platform are there to either follow a brand they like or buy products they need. This then gives a brand more selling hands and opportunity.

But Why Is Instagram A Great Marketing Tool?

You must have seen or heard that brands that expose their presence on the platform get a wider range of customers, making a cool profit, and increasing their visibility daily.

Here are a few reasons why Instagram is labelled a perfect marketing tool;

* About 50% of the Instagrammers are shoppers.

* With over 800 billion users, brands can generate an audience by marketing their products rightly.

* Using Instagram as a marketing tool makes your brand stand out above your competitors.

* It’s a cool platform and easy to handle.

* It’s easier to reach your target audience at a go.

* It’s cost-effective than a paid TV ads.

Using Instagram as a marketing tool is undoubtedly effective because more people will be aware of your brand and products. Having a greater number of followers enables them to be seeing your daily posts and comments; from there, they become regular customer. Most times, people refer to Instagram as a platform for the “rich” this certainly gives a hand to a brand that establishes itself there. Instagram is one of the important social media around the world; therefore, incorporating Instagram into your brand’s productivity is a must.

13 Magical Ways To Increase Your Business Productivity With Instagram.

Create Business Account;

As a social media platform, Instagram provides two account types which people would want to create. Creating a business account is the start-up basis for the visibility of your brand. A personal account may not be advisable for a brand to create; therefore, brands should create a solid business account for their business growth.

Add A Professional Bio;

It’s a descriptive way to explain what your brand sells, and the services you offer. A professional bio will do the introduction itself. The professional bio you created for your brand will enable people to discover the potentials of your brand, and this makes you stand out above your competitors. 

Get A Hashtag;

Steadily people make ultimate use of hashtags on the platform. Having a hashtag that correlates with your brand’s services is a way to sprinkle new customers into your brand. Let your hashtag be concise and descriptive. This hashtag helps to draw all your content into a searchable collection.

Add A Unique Photo;

It’s no doubt that Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform; adding a professional-looking photo to your Instagram account helps to filter the audience to your brand. As people fancy looking out for photos to watch, ensure to post unique ones that will match your brand’s objectives, and capture the right audience. 

Draft A Posting Schedule;

Half of the Instagrammers love what entertains them, motivates them, and spur their actions towards a particular thing. As a brand wishing to stand out, it’s safe to say that posting twice a day at different times will be healthy enough to generate leads for your brand. Posting the same content daily will bore your potential customers; that’s why drafting a smooth schedule is a better tool for posting quality content on the platform.

Get A Verified Account;

Don’t be surprised that people tend to follow brands and individuals with verified accounts. That’s a way to actualize what people want. In the customer’s mind, those with a verified account knows what they want and can quickly deliver their goods. To stand aloof from your competitors, get a verified account that will serve as an offshoot to your competitors.

Follow Enough People;

As a brand starting its journey on the platform getting adequate followers will help to boost your brand’s productivity. As people follow those that follow them, leverage the opportunity to follow many people that way your target audience will reach your brand.

Create A Relationship;

Creating a cordial relationship is where most brands fail to ground. What’s the essence of social media?

To create a relationship and connect with people. Relationships are better ways brands can gain more access to a wider range of audience. Engage in your follower’s posts by commenting, liking, etc. Be there to answers and impart knowledge on your audience relating to your company.  

Stick To Your Brands Personality; 

Instagram is a platform that is enticing, if not tempting. Some posts might be hilarious, beautiful, attractive, etc. But don’t fall off the track; stick to what your brand knows. This gives people the belief that you know your stance and cannot detour from it.

Avoid Being Salesy;

Your aim on the platform is to generate revenue through your posts by enticing customers. Do not create posts that sound salesy but ones that can lead to conversion. People are driven by the posts that crank up their emotions to those that sound too salesy. Hence brands should endeavour to create contents that lead to conversion.

Attach A Link To Your website;

Social media is a hand tool through which website traffic is generated and gets maximum subscribers. Attaching a link to your website in your Instagram profile will help lump up enough website traffic, where visitors will turn to regular customers.

Create A Video; 

People love watching fascinating short videos. When we watch videos, it stays more in our memory than reading a book. Brands should create short videos describing who they are, their services, and what potential customers will benefit from buying their products.

Adopt A Storytelling Strategy;

Everyone is used to a fairy tale, and we love listening to stories. This is a measure brands need to build to get more customers. Tell stories that will benefit your audience; thus, drive more followers and potential clients to your brands.

Four Plunging Benefits Of Instagram.

It enables brands to reach untapped customers.

It’s a perfect way to engage different people.

It’s a way to pinpoint useful insights and feedback for brands.

Instagram is a medium for brand-follower relationships.

As written by Juliet Emmanuel

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