LONE WOLF - Story of Adventure Identity and Coming of Age

“In the night everything changed; the sky had become black like a bottomless pit. Empty and hungry, it was like a yawning mouth reaching out to swallow him up. Fire leaped against the blackness like tearing claws. He felt trapped between two hideous foes, the fire and the dark, each determined to destroy the other and anything that got in the way. He had cowered against his mother’s warm side, safe among the squirming bodies of his siblings. Outside, the fire roared like a great beast. The darkness was silent, but no less terrible. The trees themselves began to scream, hissing and popping as the heat boiled the sap inside them. His mother fled the den and pushed him and his litter mates out ahead of her. Smoke rushed in like the morning fog, choking the air and hiding the hungry black sky. He remembered thinking that the fire was winning, and dimly he remembered the faint shapes of other wolves through the smoke. Some took his brothers and sisters in their jaws and ran ahead with them. His mother scooped him up and he shivered with terror as she ran. He’d never been out of the den before and her speed felt like the wind was carrying him away. But no matter how fast she ran the smoke only grew thicker, the heat more suffocating. The fire had eaten the night and now it would eat them all…” –The young wolf remembered fire, Prologue.