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Our Video Live Streaming Starts Today At 6 pm

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Following the outbreak of Covid19 which has forced everyone into compulsory isolation and the psychological impact it has on all of us, we in Aclasses.org decided that this was a call to reach out to the people and feel exactly what they are feeling in their quarantines and social distancing.

A-classes Live Streaming

The interviews we have collected from a cross-section of the people turns out to be very interesting about our common humanity, people who are conditioned to change our way of life to discourage the spread of the virus.

People’s Demands

Then we started seeing a growing request to make the videos available to more people, to share and to live the moments together. That was a welcome development.

After all, the motto of the video series is: “We Will Overcome This Together”.

Live Streaming Test Phase

After our due considerations, we are starting a test phase of our Live Steaming on Aclasses.org today and we hope you like it, going forward.

Streaming is planned for every Tuesday and Friday at 6 pm.

Your Interactions And Observations

As a testing phase, your observations and recommendations are highly important for us so we know what to improve on and to serve you better.

The streaming address is Aclasses.org/Live-Streaming/

Today’s streaming is the interview of  Mrs Jennifer Ezenwa, A Linguistic And Cultural Mediator In Verona.

She will talk about how Covid19 has affected her routines, the African community in Verona and more. Including:

  • What has changed in her place of work, due to covid19
  • What covid19 has revealed about our common human relationship and
  • Her reaction to how convid19 is been handled in Nigeria

Looking forwards to seeing you in Live Streaming today at 6 pm.

Obehi Ewanfoh

Obehi Ewanfoh

The founder of Aclasses.org. Primary area of focus - Book writing and Online Training Classes on Self-improvement & Human Capital Development. My mission, through books and Online Training Classes, is helping people to transform their human potentials into capital so they can better serve themselves and the society they live in.

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