Rebranding Agriculture as An Attractive Career Option for Women And Young Africans

There is no denying that there is a growing demand for agricultural products in all countries and cities, particularly in Africa with a steady rise in population growth. Yes, the solution to African food demand is not importation, but through innovative and sustainable farming and food production. This is how we can attract more people (Women And Young Africans) into the sector, so we can feed our population and at the same time create job opportunities for the people.

In today’s episode of Aclasses Business & Self-improvement Podcast, we are going to be considering how to rebrand Agriculture as An Attractive Career Option for Women And Young Africans. And the questions we are going to focus on are:

  • Why are many people still not finding interest in agriculture?
  • What are the opportunities in agriculture and agribusiness today in Africa?
  • How can agriculture become truly attractive to more women and young Africans?

With me to reflect on these questions is Vanda Cabral, a senior manager at Deloitte, one of the world’s leading audit and risk management firms, and an agropreneur in Malawi.

Listen to Vanda Cabral in this video and leave your comment below

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More about Vanda Cabral

I am a modern Malawian multitasking lady, caught between the necessity for corporate conformity and a passion for non-conformity.

I am driven by my passion for smart agribusiness and agropreneurship. The five core values I once envisioned have become part of our corporate DNA: socioeconomic responsibility, sustainable scalability, sociocratic and agile leadership, and the promotion of wellness for our community and farm animals.

We have adopted principles of intensive, yet sustainably scalable farming with low power requirements, low labour costs, high yields, and most of all zero waste. We operate on renewable energy, we grow our fruits and veggies without soil, we recycle 90% of our water in automated hydroponic greenhouses, we raise our pigs and quails in an animal friendly and biosecure environment, and we continuously cycle nutrients between our agricultural and animal husbandry units.

Moreover, we are the first in Malawi to implement smart agribusiness technologies to automate and optimise farming, processing, packaging, cold storage and logistics operations. We use sensors and actuators, complemented by cloud-based big data analytics and QR codes to ensure traceability along the food supply chain.

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