Center for Storytelling Research

The Center for Storytelling Research (CSR) is a flagship and the most ambitious undertaking within the broader AClasses projects and initiative.

It represents the culmination of AClasses’ mission to transform storytelling in Africa and elevate its impact on society. This state-of-the-art research center is poised to become a pillar of innovation, education, and cultural preservation.

It’s projected to reshape the narrative landscape across the continent.

Highlights of CSR

A Hub of Storytelling Excellence

CSR is designed to be a hub of storytelling excellence, where the art of storytelling is celebrated, thoroughly studied, and cultivated with utmost precision.

It will serve as a repository of knowledge, preserving traditional African narratives while fostering the development of contemporary storytelling forms. 

Research and Innovation

At CSR, cutting-edge research into the art and science of storytelling will take center stage.

Scholars, researchers, and storytellers will have a place to converge to explore the rich fabrics of African stories, their historical significance, and their evolving role in a globalized world.

The center will equally facilitate interdisciplinary set of research, encouraging collaboration between literature, sociology, psychology, and technology to push the boundaries of storytelling.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

CSR recognizes the importance of preserving Africa’s diverse cultural heritage through storytelling.

It will house archives of oral traditions, manuscripts, and artifacts, ensuring that the voices of the past are not lost to time.

By doing so, it will foster a profound connection between generations, nurturing an appreciation for African storytelling legacies. 

More about the project

Education and Training: The center will function equally as an educational powerhouse, offering workshops, courses, and mentorship programs to nurture emerging storytellers. It will empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to craft compelling narratives that resonate with contemporary audiences while honoring cultural authenticity. 

Tapping into the existing Nigerian film industry, (Nollywood):

CSR will tap into the vast potential of the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, by bridging the worlds of cinema and storytelling. Collaborations with Nollywood professionals and filmmakers will enable the center to explore new dimensions of storytelling, enriching both the film industry and the storytelling landscape. 

Rediscovering the Significance of African Oral Narration:

Within the Storytelling Research Center is our intention to reevaluate the real values and cultural significance of oral narration within African traditional societies. This initiative will extend a warm invitation to elders and custodians of our rich heritage.

How we intend to do this is to tap into their invaluable knowledge and experiences by way of interviews, role playing and traditional games. These experiences will be recorded and preserved in digital formats, ensuring that the profound wisdom and heritage of Nigerians and Africans are accessible for generations to come. 

Technology & Integration: RCS will proudly leverage cutting-edge technology to amplify the reach of African stories, bridging the back between African creatives and the diaspora community.

It will encourage the development of multimedia storytelling experiences that transcend geographical boundaries, allowing African narratives to be shared globally. Virtual reality, interactive platforms, and digital archives are just a glimpse of the technological advancements to be embraced by the center.

International Collaboration:

CSR will actively engage in collaborations with renowned African diaspora storytellers, scholars, and institutions worldwide. It will serve as a bridge, connecting Africa’s storytelling heritage to the global stage, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. 

Catalyst for Social Change:

Beyond its academic and research pursuits, CSR is committed to using storytelling as a catalyst for positive social change. It will address critical issues through narratives that inspire empathy, encourage dialogue, and drive progress in areas such as education, history, and social justice. 

In summary, the Research Center for Storytelling in Nigeria (CSR) is envisioned as the crown jewel of the AClasses project, representing an unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling and its transformative power.

As a state-of-the-art research, CSR will not only celebrate Africa’s storytelling heritage but also propels it into the future, making it a vital force in shaping the narrative landscape not only in Nigeria but across the entire African continent. It will stand as a pillar to the enduring importance of storytelling in preserving culture, fostering innovation, and driving positive change.

It will at the same time help to embrace the profound exploration of African history and human experiences.