Students Reviews

“It was a good talk , like a friend from the neighborhood. This talk over this lecture was indeed helpful for me to get through my next goal.” – Aejaaz Ahmed

“The course was very good but some of the stuff you talked has a steep price on it.” – Bill Brooks.

“A good course if you send email campaigns, especially through Aweber/Getresponse.”  – Ravi Kewat

“Good course — I did quite a bit of branding related research before taking this course, yet even though concise, I still found value in it. The course gives a good general overview and foundation for creating your brand and good tips too. It could have been a bit more in depth, but it is a short course, so one can’t expect that it covers every detail. Excellent instructor — The course, which is well prepared and structured, is presented in a calm and clear way. The pace is just right. And it never got boring.” – Ax ❦

“Nice guide which is set up to be immediately actionable. With some simple, but very helpful strategies.” – Ivon Timmermans

“Yah it’s a good match because the experience is great when doing the exercises.” – Daniel Mwangi

“I feel this course is something that should be recommended those who want to become ux designers.” – Elizabeth Naves