Students Reviews

Aejaaz Ahmed
  • It was a good talk , like a friend from the neighborhood. This talk over this lecture was indeed helpful for me to get through my next goal.

  • Bill Brooks

    The course was very good but some of the stuff you talked has a steep price on it

  • Ravi KewatA good course if you send email campaigns, especially through Aweber/Getresponse.

  • Pusarla Chetan

    Good content with simple explanation.

  • Ax ❦

    Good course — I did quite a bit of branding related research before taking this course, yet even though concise, I still found value in it. The course gives a good general overview and foundation for creating your brand and good tips too. It could have been a bit more in depth, but it is a short course, so one can’t expect that it covers every detail. Excellent instructor — The course, which is well prepared and structured, is presented in a calm and clear way. The pace is just right. And it never got boring.

  • Ivon Timmermans

    Nice guide which is set up to be immediately actionable. With some simple, but very helpful strategies.

  • Ivon Timmermans

    Quick to the point guide about BAB. What the symptoms and treatments are of this behavior disorder. With resources how to be able to effectively handle them at your workspace, so they won’t explode. Especially with children, how to help and support them to restore their balance and raise their self-esteem

  • Daniel Mwangi

    Yah it’s a good match because the experience is great when doing the exercises.

  • Philip Dennis

    Not interested in history or what it looks like. I want the course on how to use it.