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The Statistics of Immigrants In Veneto, Italy

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Thank you for checking out this article today. In this article, we are going to consider the statistics of immigrants in the Veneto region of Italy. By the end of this article, you will learn valuable information about the region of Veneto and the numbers and demographic composition of immigrants in the region. Are you ready? So let’s get started.

Let’s start with a short description of the region. Veneto is a North-eastern Italian region, stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. It’s the 8th largest region in Italy, with a total area of 18,398.9 square kilometres. The regional capital is Venice, which is famous for its numerous canals, Gothic architecture and Carnival celebrations.

Have you heard of the big Hollywood stars, in the like of George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Denzel Washington in a long list of others, who come to celebrate their glamour in Venice’s film international festival? Yes, that too is part of the reputations of the capital city of Veneto. Venice is and always will be one of the most important cities in the whole of Europe.

Veneto was part of the powerful Venetian Republic for more than 1,000 years, between the 7th to the 18th centuries. In Veneto region are such important cities as Vicenza with a high presence of the United States’ military base, the medieval Verona, the setting of the famous Shakespearian story, “Romeo & Juliet”, and Padova with a highly reputable university.

The region has a nominal GDP of €162 billion as of 2017, which means it’s not doing badly at all, compared to other regions, particularly those in the south of the country. If you think this is the reason, a lot of people come to live and work in Veneto, you are most certainly right and this refers both to the internal and external migration across Italy.

By 2018, the total non-Italian residents in the whole country were put at about 5 million.

Now, let’s consider the number of immigrant residents in the region because as you might already know by now, that is our main focus in this article.

As of 1st January 2018, Veneto region has a total immigrant resident of 487.864 which can be translated to mean 9,9% of the total residents in the region. We can further break that number down into different countries of origin, so you can have a better understanding of the immigrant presences in the territory.

The figures we are discussing in this article are the 2018 updates. So depending on when you are reading this article, there might be some slight changes. Bear that in mind.

By continent wise, the majority of immigrants in Veneto region are within Europe, both member of the European single market Union and non-members, some 280 thousands or 57% of the total migrants in the territory.

That is followed by the people coming from Africa, about 96 thousands or 19% of the total migrants.

The third on the list are Asians with 93 thousands or another 19% of the migrants.

That is followed by all the countries from American with a total of 16 thousands or 3% of the total migrants in the territory.

Every other migrant outside the already mentioned are a total of 200 or 0.04%.

With that said, let’s look at the most populated immigrant community in the territory.

Of all the European immigrants and immigrants generally in Veneto, Romanian is by far the highest on the list with 122 thousand people. This is followed by the first country in Africa, which is Morocco with 45 thousands. The third on this list or the most populated migrants from Asian is China with 34 thousand people. 

Why Is This Important?

Well, for a lot of reasons, depending on what you able to do with the information. Let’s say for instance you are a Ghanaian migrant and you want to start a business to serve the Ghanaian community in Veneto, in the case of Italy, or wherever that community might be. Don’t you think you will need to know the data about the people? It can even be for you to better reconnect with your people. So, information such as these is extremely useful to you and to all.

That has been the statistics of migrants in the Veneto region of Italy. On a whole, the number of migrants in the region is quite significant, especially when you consider other demographic elements like birth rate, the high percentage of old people in the region and Italy in general, and the much younger immigrant population as working-class and more.

What You Can Do Now!

Start by enrolling on our free class about the first Africans in northern Italy, 1976 till date, so you can watch the migrants themselves explaining how they have gotten to where they are today and what has been going on within the immigrant community in Italy.

Did you find this article valuable to you? Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so you never miss any of our educational videos. Until next week, have a wonderful time.

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