Underdevelopment In Africa - My Hands Are Clean

“I welcome the invitation to write this forward to Ewanfoh Obehi Peter’s book, titled: Underdevelopment in Africa: My hands are clean. I have the privilege of reading through the manuscript. The book is a detailed and analytical study of the various subjects covered in it. The author has use the title metaphorically to address the burning issue of underdevelopments in Africa, and to ask the all-important question. Who is to blame? Do we continue to blame the Europeans for the palpable evidence of underdevelopments that abound all over Africa, or is it not time for Africans to look inward and blame themselves for these defects? The book is a systematic and well–structured survey of almost all the problems militating against the development in the African Continent. In the author’s discussions in that regard, nothing of importance seemed to have escaped his attention.

I am happy to be associated with the author in this trialbrazing and well-researched work. I recommend it to everyone, particularly those genuinely seeking the answers to the problems of Africa underdevelopment.” –Forward, Itua Paul Okhaide AG. Head of Department, Commercial and Industrial Law  Faculty of Law, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Nigeria.