Why Instagram Is Trending In The Digital World

Since social media became mainstream in this 21st century our mode of communication witnessed a notable change. This can be attributed to the rise in the use of the photo-sharing channel Instagram (IG). This social media channel transformed from a mere photo-sharing platform to a community of brands and customers. This gave rise to the hotness of Instagram in the digital world.

During the introduction of this social media channel in 2010, the users were not expected to grow massively within a decade where billions of people around the world make extensive use of the platform. This triggered the declining use of Facebook until Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook bought the channel due to its threat to Facebook. Today Instagram is still blooming, people around the world strive to get a smartphone and create an account in it. As a result of this different brands are scrambling to reach their online presence through the platform.

Our mode of interaction changed since people fancied more of visual content which made it perceptible to the use of Instagram. Have you ever wondered why we are so attached to visual content? That’s because we are human, we love beautiful sights this contributed to the attraction of billion of users to the photo-sharing app. Many brands raced up to acquire immense growth in the social platform successfully by reaching their target audience.

Instagram brought a drastic change on how many people view businesses as the platform served as the power access of many brands to communicate with different people in different locations. Thus; Instagram is termed the fastest social channel in the next coming years. Some people criticize the frisky effects of Instagram on the mental health of the youths who seemed to have low self-esteem when they see beautiful post which they know that’s filtered. Using Instagram as a good marketing tool has cranked up audience traction to different brands that fit in the right track.

It’s very obvious that most gadgets people use today in their numerous home are bought from the social media channel. Great number of Facebook user now leave the platform to join the trending channel to get in touch with a good brand to purchase their products. Instagram is a solid force which companies can’t afford to ignore.  Apart from filtered photos, Instagram compare to other social network provides adequate security to its users account.

Six Lurking Reasons why Instagram Is The Hotness

Of The Digital World.

Accepts Quality To Quantity.

Instagram compared to other social platform deals more on quality contents to quantity. The need for posting awesome contents remains undoubted, some may dispute the fact that Instagrammers makes too much use of edited photos and videos. To flip this aside the level of quality contents posted on Instagram by brands helps them to excel in the platform.

Builds Up Intent Communication With Audience.

Instagram is a foolproof place where brand’s get to interact more closely with their target audience. Other Platforms like Linkedin seem to be more of professional life to social interaction. Creating a customer to brand relationship are not tightly woven on other social media, and this makes it difficult for brands to reach their expected audience.

Creating a glued relationship between brand’s and customers enables the brand to understand the need of your target audience, enlighten them about your products and also sell sufficient solution to them.

It’s Trending Among Youths.

The youths are the core future of social media. The http://www.edisonresearch.com/ proves that American youths from age 12-34 use Instagram to Facebook. This led to the flourishing of Instagram while Facebook is declining. Consequent to this, the usage of Instagram will bloom in the coming years.

Instagram Is A Tool For Brand Development.

As people tend to make extensive use of Instagram as a social platform, it’s now a leveraging opportunity for brands to generate exposure by establishing their presence using the platform. Instagram gives a brand better chances of online visibility with low-cost tool.

Sparks The Fashion World Trend.

Fashion is an everyday topic, people try to make a good fit in the fashion world but it sometimes seems hard for some people to get a good taste of what they want. Using Instagram as a social channel has helped people to engage with different bloggers and brands that has the knowledge of fashion to get a better taste of what they want in the fashion world. It has helped people to fit cautiously in the fashion industry, know what’s trending and the ones that are archaic. Instagram stands a better chance to attract better fashion trenders to any other social channel.

Instagram has adequate security.

Instagrammers can better testify to their account security. Just like another social network like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, there’s no proper account security. This makes it easier for people who’s not your follower to easily check your profile. Instagram made it that outsiders cannot view your profile or see any posts of someone that don’t follow.

          The Untold Fors And Against Of Instagram.

  As Instagram usage has become mainstream and its visual content changed our way of interacting. It also has some advantages and disadvantages users should take note of.


When Instagram is used wisely, through the likes and comments on a picture it helps to boost someone’s self-esteem and enables people to maintain a cordial relationship.

It’s also a way to flourish long-distance relationship, Instagram has a message space built-in it where people can easily chit chat with friends from a faraway place.

Instagram provides adequate security more than other social platforms. it ensures that other people that don’t follow you will seek your permission before seeing any of your updates.


Use of a location tag makes it easy for a follower to find out where, and when exactly a picture was shared. This may seem bad for predators can easily track a user’s location.

As written by Juliet Emmanuel

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