Our Projects

Are you passionate about supporting Africans and the African diaspora? Join us to make a real impact on people’s lives. Our projects connect experts from diverse backgrounds, contributing to a better world.

Let’s turn your humanitarian ideas into action. Collaborate with us for a meaningful impact and a positive change in the world.

Our selected list of protects

AClasses Business Connect

AClasses Business Connect (ABC), is the ultimate conduit, uniting businesses in Africa and the diaspora. Our mission is to foster collaboration for a transformative and substantial impact on communities.

AClasses Business Connect serves as the indispensable nexus, linking African startups and established enterprises that are eager to explore the vast opportunities within the African market.


Our “Life & Legacy Series” is created to resonate with people of African descent living within Africa and the diaspora. It is aimed at celebrating our shared history, struggles, and triumphs.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to find the untold stories of those who have kindled the flames of inspiration within us, and in doing so, ignite the same fire in our hearts today.


The Center for Storytelling Research (CSR) is a flagship and the most ambitious undertaking within the broader AClasses projects and initiative.

It represents the culmination of AClasses’ mission to transform storytelling in Africa and elevate its impact on society. This state-of-the-art research center is poised to become a pillar of innovation, education, and cultural preservation.

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