Still Owing Me Goodbye

“In this novel, the author discusses a measure of loss, sorrow and pain that young Ẹhizoya experienced due to the loss of his beloved grandmother, who had nursed him from the age of two. Living in Idubhuesọgban village, few kilometers away from his real village of Idumhughulu, Ẹhizoya was affectionately attached to his grandmother, a typical Esan woman who taught him the true meaning of endurance, forgiveness, love and understanding. Sometimes, great expectations of life remain half-fulfilled when death comes knocking. Young Ẹhizoya had projected a happy ending with his beloved grandmother. He had dreamt of how he would narrate his experience of his six years in primary school to his grandmother, but unfortunately, death came calling too soon, bringing with it pain and deep loss for poor Ẹhizoya. This he tried to describe at the time of his grandmother’s death:

“Even as thirteen years old, I could understand that it was a serious moment. A moment, which almost took away my voice and made me feel that I had never existed at all.” –Helen Osebor B.A. in Philosophy, Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, Nigeria.