ShareAsale Vs Clickbank For Content Marketers 2023

ShareAsale Vs Clickbank For Content Marketers

Generating a profit is the end goal of every affiliate marketer out there. But chances of achieving the goal become slim when your products are not well promoted to reach your ideal customers or when you find it difficult to keep track of your metrics.

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If you are new in affiliate marketing or looking to lessen the stress of keeping track of your metrics and promoting your products to your audience’s reach, then this article is for you!

Have a specific affiliate marketing network platform

Succeeding in this field requires you to have a specific affiliate marketing network platform you work with. At that, there are several network platforms out there you could work with.

But for the sake of this article, we would stick to the two most recommended network platforms- ShareAsale and Clickbank.

You might have heard about them or mostly like stumbled on them online, but we will walk you through the detail in the following sections.

These platforms have their own perks but are similar in some ways. They are user-friendly (you don’t necessarily need to take lots of courses to understand ways to use them), and they have easy-to-understand analytical tools. Interesting right? Now, let’s dig deeper into it.

ShareAsale Features

This platform has gained massive recognition across the world, and it has a little over 200, 000 affiliate members. ShareAsale is mainly designed for affiliates that deal more in physical goods like Mattresses. However, they recently integrated some digital products like courses; therefore, they are a few digital products you could promote if that’s where you specialize.

One pretty thing about the platform is how user-friendly the analytics are on the dashboard; hence you can easily operate it without needing special technical training.

These are some of its features;

  • Prescreening affiliates.
  • Attribution tools.
  • Good tracking methods and analytics.
  • Conditional Commissions.
  • Customizable Reports.

All these features make working with the platform a breeze, especially its variety of attribution tools that clues you in on your customers’ most touchpoint and coupon code usage.

More so, the commission you could earn there as an affiliate varies depending on the affiliate program you choose which happens to be the same thing you would experience in whatever platform you decide to work with.

Furthermore, ShareAsale is quick to dispense their payments as you scheduled.

How To Create An Account?

According to the reviews we have seen, creating an account on ShareAsale is easy, but it takes a long time for you to get a response from the team. That’s because of their pristine management, meaning a human being will verify your application to join the network. Therefore, getting a swift response is far from possible. It might take weeks to get a response.

ShareAsale Method Of Payment?

I bet that’s one question you were looking to get answers to. ShareAsale pays their members through different methods, even if you are not in the United States.

They dispense their payments through avenues like Payoneer, FedEx, wire transfers, and international direct deposits.

Hence, it’s left for you as a merchant to decide on which channel is more suitable to receive payment.

Clickbank features – more receptive to promoting digital products

If you deal more on recommending digital products, then clickbank is ideal for you. The platform is more receptive to promoting digital products. Nonetheless, a few physical products are available on the platform but can’t be compared to ShareAsale.

Clickbank has seemingly hot offers you would love even as a beginner content marketer. It operates in more than two hundred countries across the world and has over one thousand affiliate members on the platform, and they have a variety of conducive payment methods you could pick from.

ShareAsale’s interface is user-friendly, no doubt, but it appears that Clickbank’s own is easier to work with, and it has a wide range of education materials you could use in marketing. More so, Clickbank features that most affiliates love is its custom order form that helps you lure more people to your products.

Here are a few other features it has;

  • Integrated payments.
  • Simple administration tool.
  • Subscription options for affiliates.
  • Access to different digital marketing experts and tools.

Another thing about Clickbank rate is its mouthwatering commission rate! This means that you could earn 90% of the value of the product your customers buy when you promote the product.

How To Create Account In Clickbank?

Contrary to ShareAsale, Clickbank’s account creation process is a breeze. All that’s required of you is to fill out the digital form with a few of your information such as first name and last name, phone number, country, etc. Any other information will be asked when your account gets approved.

Unlike ShareAsale where your application will be verified by a human being, thereby taking a longer time, Clickbank gives a fast response, at most two weeks if not less.

Clickbank is highly recommended if you specialize in recommending digital products considering their mouthwatering commissions, user-friendly interface, fast response, and all.

Clickbank Payment Method?

Clickbank’s payment method isn’t very distinct from ShareAsale. They pay through the same medium like wire transfers, cheques, and direct deposits.

However, you’re expected to have a default amount of $100 in your dashboard. If you opt for an international deposit, your payment likely drops once a week or once in two weeks.

ShareAsale And Clickbank Pricing

As mentioned above, before you can sign up on these two platforms, you will pay a startup fee, and as it appears, each of the two platforms has its start-up fee.

ShareAsale: this platform’s startup pricing is on a large scale of $550 and requires a fixed deposit of $100 in your account, making it one of the most expensive network platforms out there.

Considering this large scale of money, only large and medium-sized companies can afford to create an account with them. However, if you can meet up with the money as an individual, then working with them is ideal.

More so, ShareAsale examines each affiliate and their products properly before approval to ensure all vendors on the platform are legitimate.

Clickbank: this platform is more cost-effective compared to ShareAsale; hence startup companies and individuals can afford its fee. They charge a $49.95 fee for approval of goods and about %75 for each transaction made.

In addition, your products will be well assessed before they give their approval on the platform. Therefore, your good needs to have high quality, be legit, and all before gaining their approval.

Your takeaway on ShareAsale Vs Clickbank For Content Marketers

Determining the network to choose between these two we ladled out in this article depends on the type of product you recommend. Is it physical or digital products?

Although both platforms deal with both types of products you still have to stick to the one where your customers are mostly lined up so you could fast sell and earn your commission.

In all, working with these two platforms is advisable if you want to bloom as a content marketer.

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