Storytelling For Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs

Learn how to leverage your storytelling skill and earn more

This video training class is created with beginners in mind and it covers all you need to know even if you are new to storytelling. By the end of the training class, you should be able to create effective stories so you can earn more in your content creation business.

The training class will teach you the basic setup of a story, how to develop your storytelling skills, and how to profit from your stories.

What You Will Learn In This Training Class

The training class will teach you how to create persuasive and emotion-rich content so you can get more paid conversions.

Storytelling is a powerful instrument to leverage either for personal use or for your business. This is why this training class, Storytelling for Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs was created.

The class is broken down into 4 sections with district topics around storytelling for content creators and digital entrepreneurs.

The class is worth over $1200 but we might put the full enrolment at $210. And if you enroll now, you will only pay 50% of that price.

Who Is This Training Class For?

If you are a content creator and want to generate revenue in your business, you need this training class. Whether you create content for passion, for your business, or for other brands, this training class will teach you how to leverage the power of storytelling to get results.

Storytelling For Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs is a fully loaded recipe for success in your content creation business.

Say “yes” to the power of storytelling in your content creation. Learn everything you need to know about crafting better content for your audience – learn how to tap into their emotion and get them to engage with your content.

Discover Your Story And Build Upon It

Are you ready? In this training class, you will learn how to discover your story, clearly communicate it, and start presenting yourself to the world on your own terms.

If you pay attention to the valuable information in this training class, this could be one of the best investments you ever made, for your content creation business.

You need to be intentional about the content you create and learning how to discover your story and your true values is the game changer you cannot ignore.

Your Transformation

With the simple strategy and technique in this training class, you will get super clear about your content creation, who you are creating content for, and how to tap into the emotion of your audience so they can convert.

You will no longer feel like you are creating content, with nobody listening to you.

There is power and leverage when you can clearly communicate your message to your audience. Storytelling For Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs will help you achieve this.

A Few Things About Me

Hi, I’m Obehi Ewanfoh. I have spent over 10 years, researching and interviewing people from different industries and cultural backgrounds.

My whole life has revolved around a deep desire to hear people’s stories and to learn from them.   

I am a full-time content creator and I love to create valuable content to inform and educate my audience.

I am the host of Obehi Podcast where we strongly believe that everyone has a story to share. By everyone, I mean everyone and that includes you.

I can’t wait to share my experience with you in this training class: Storytelling For Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs.

See you inside. Obehi Ewanfoh