THE JOURNEY - Africans in Verona

“They came with few bags on their hands, full of experiences from their home countries, of languages in Africa and the ones they have learned on the way. Bags full of hope, ambitions and projects to be realized. They came with the hope that their dreams can only be realized here, to have access to opportunities and to return to Africa. But the dream of returning is always difficult. This, we will learn through their personal narrations in the book: living in Italy has presented them with lots of difficulties and obstacles to face day after day. Thousands of thoughts: anger, nostalgia and also the great determination to remain united as faithful partners in the same journey, taking into account their emotions, their sentiments and their passions with which to overcome the challenges of each day.

Thanks to the narrations and stories present in this book, the readers will have the possibility to observe and partake in the same journey, de-constructing bit by bit, the stereotypes and prejudices about migrants. From one interview to another, the readers will easily distinguish the thousands of interwoven lines that have made up the lives of many migrants in Italy (and not only), their dreams and strong desire to return to their home countries in Africa. Also, the difficulty of realizing the dream of “Back to Africa”, to their own land where they have now become strangers, becoming part of a much bigger world and a larger human cul ture.” -Introduction, Ramona Parenzan Writer and theatrical actress.