Time Management Techniques For Businesses

Time management is one of the problems faced by many business owners today. A lot of businesses have crumbled, some workers have become stressed and burned out while working in their offices to produce great results. Are you one of those business owners? Do you want to learn about time Management Techniques for your business?

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What is Time management?

Time management is the plan and judicious use of time in other to work smarter and diligently. Effective time management techniques bring about,

  • Quick turn up in projects assigned to you.
  • Eliminate procrastination.
  • Increases productivity and
  • Boosts confidence and reputation of the business, etc.

Remember time is money.

So now I will share with you some hacks on how you can manage your time effectively to increase your productivity.

The number one-time management hack is

Project prioritizing or ranking: Most business owners do not prioritize the projects that they have at hand. Workers randomly come to their place of work and start diving into any unfinished projects or rather new projects assigned to them. This, therefore, makes them start working on those projects that are irrelevant at that moment, and when the most needed projects are requested, they start running around to do the project recklessly. However, situations like this lead to unproductive results that demean the reputation of the business.

Some employees believe that working under pressure helps them to be productive and efficient whereas the reverse is the case. Ranking of your projects from important ones will augment your productivity and results. Also ranking your projects with software like Zoho projects or workflow makes the work to become easier.

Outsourcing: As a business owner, most times you have piles of work done alone. This can sometimes lead to delay in production, losing customers, stress, and breakdown. ” No man is an island”. Obtaining help from your employees will lead to a division of labour and produces more useful results. When you make use of social media platforms there will be a need for you to boost your visibility through sharing regular posts.

Handling projects in the office and making daily posts on social media are cumbersome, but when you employ the services of an employee from places like Upwork, LinkedIn, or Fiverr your work becomes easier.

Running a business alone might hamper the success of the business when you have a lot of things to attend to. That’s why it’s very necessary to have employees that you can outsource work to, which will lead to the promotion of your business.

Avoid Distractions: Most business owners don’t know that distractions of any kind end up consuming their time and by the end of the day they wouldn’t attain meaningful results. Avoiding distractions helps in saving time. When you have a truckload of work begging to be done and you spend that time chit-chatting on Facebook or any other platform your time keeps slipping away. often these employees end up staying late at the office because they failed to perform their work on time.

Whenever you want to work on your tasks ensure that you disconnect your internet or rather switch your cell phone for better concentration on that work until you are done with it. See your projects as primary than any other things should be secondary.

Planning: there’s a popular saying that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning yourself ahead of time saves time. Time management and plan work together. Planning yourself and how to handle your projects will give you more time to partake in some other activities. When you make plans, you are also setting your goals and it will help you to make a smart decision. The main thing that leads to success in businesses is the conscious and smart decision made by the business owner.

Identify what consumes your time the most:  You should always keep track of the things which consume your time the most. Is it watching television, chatting? when all these won’t lead to productivity at that time, avoid them when trying to maximize your time and work on your projects.

Once you decipher the particular thing or area you spend more of your time in, you ask yourself whether that is needed at that moment in time. This technique will help you focus more on the important projects that should be done before embarking on another work.

Take a break:  while working to improve your business and managing your time, amidst it all try and take short breaks for about 15 – 20 minutes. When taking a break helps you to become refreshed and allows your brain to create more ideas on how best you will make the project become awesome.

Automate your work: There has been an advancement in technology and these technologies will be very beneficial to workers if they make efficient use of them. Employing the use of task management tools saves time.

Tasks automation tool will also help in increasing your business productivity.

Avoid Multi-tasking: individual capabilities differ at a certain level. Some employees can multitask by doing different work at a time but 95% of workers can perform in such cases. In other to manage time well, focus on one project first before working on another project. Taking work bit by bit has proven to be helpful and time-saving.

Time Blocking: This is also a time management hack that helps businesses to harness their work time. It’s a means where you allot some time frame to a particular work or project you want to embark on. Also, the time blocking strategy sets out a particular limit you are required to spend on any work you perform. This time management technique has some software like Tick tick premium, Hourstack, etc which can help you work better and smarter.


As you can see, the importance of time management for your business cannot be overemphasized. It helps you prioritize your tasks so you can have enough time to complete your work. Also, as you are not rushing to complete your tasks ahead of the approaching deadline, the quality of your work will drastically increase. So, start using these techniques today and you will see the difference in your business.

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