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It’s one of the leading email marketing software providers out there and it has been so for years. With its easy-to-use software and robust customer service, Aweber allows you the freedom to decide where, when, and how to send your emails.

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What is Aweber?

Based in Pennsylvania, US, Aweber is a leading email marketing solution for small businesses and professionals. Founded in 1998, the company has over 20 years of proven success stories. It helps more than one million customers around the world and you can be part of that number today.

With most businesses going online these days, you certainly do need a reliable means of communication with your prospects and customers. This is what this highly powerful, yet simple email marketing software does for businesses and can do for you too.

Now, let’s examine this email marketing software more closely.

What Aweber Offers

Aweber offers you everything you will ever need to create a successful email marketing campaign. It has a good support system and an easy-to-use interface that will get you started on your email campaign even without much experience.

With dozens of professionally designed email templates, Aweber makes it easy for you to send great-looking emails that can get you good results. And it’s also one of the most affordable email providers out there.

You can start using AWeber today for as cheap as $19 per month. If you are ready, there is a link in the description.

Disclaimer – if you use our affiliate link, we will get a small commission, at no cost to you. you can also try AWeber for free, for 30 days so you can get used to the tools and what the software has to offer, before making up your mind.

In addition to the affordable pricing, AWeber is also known for its great auto-responders, superior performance, and other quality features that make sending emails very easy.

According to a survey, there are over 120,000 small businesses and bloggers who are using AWeber to grow their businesses. Sure, that is what AWeber boasts of doing, helping businesses to grow faster through the use of their email marketing software.

Email Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

AWeber is a powerfully designed email marketing software to help grow your small business. In Aclasses Medias, we have repeatedly stated our conviction that “communication is everything”.

In today’s business ecosystem, creating a personal connection between your business and customers is absolutely a smart marketing strategy to adopt, and it sure will help you build loyalty with your customers.

AWeber makes it easy for you to create custom emails by simply using the drag & drop functionality or by starting off with its huge library of pre-built email templates. With their easy-to-use landing page builder, you can easily collect email addresses from new visitors and build your business influence.

There is no doubt that email communication is one of the best ways of establishing and maintaining a reliable connection with new prospects and existing customers. You really want to take advantage of that. I mean, take advantage of Aweber email marketing software for your business success.

AWeber’s Feature Overview

With its autoresponder capability, Aweber allows you to create opt-in forms, grow a mailing list, manage your email subscribers and much more. Aweber is a leading email marketing service that helps small businesses.

Its most important features are designed to create effective email marketing campaigns that can boost engagement and ultimately lead to customer loyalty. Some of the most important features include:

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor 
  • Good autoresponder features 
  • Over 100 customizable templates
  • API for third-party apps
  • Reliable customer service by phone, live chat, and email
  • Ability to tag emails to create triggers 
  • Trackable analytics to your email campaign

AWeber email List Management

Have you seen some chaotic and disorderly email lists in excel sheet? That is why email list management exist. A proper email list management is designed to get rid of such chaotic excel files and create some order in your campaign.

If you are wondering if you really need email list management, I think the answer will be “yes”.

A well-managed email database will make it easier for you to send personalized campaigns and create high converting automated emails to your clients and customers.

As a leading email marketing platform, AWeber provides you with an essential list segmentation feature that makes it easier for you to manage your contact list. This feature allows you to separate your audience into different categories, depending on the relevance of your business.

For easier management, you can create segments for new clients, such as VIP customers, clients who buy or are interested in certain products or services.

Aweber Customer Service

Aweber has a 24/7 customer service. As stated by the company, “Contact us 24/7 to get answers to all of your email marketing and landing page questions. The service is well-known for quality, which is delivered by helpful and friendly representatives who promptly respond to customers.

For any of your exigencies, you can reach AWeber Customer support through a variety of channels as one-on-one, through email, telephone, and live chat.

What more can be better than customer service you can rely on 24/7 for your email marketing necessities? This is one of what makes AWeber an awesome email provider for its customers.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Do you believe in the power of better communication and connection with your customers? Then, get started today by clicking on our affiliate link in the description below.

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