Chidera Judith Talks About Her Storytelling with Content Writing

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As human beings, our lives are lived around stories. While everybody, especially content creators might be telling stories, you will quickly find that some pieces of content are interesting, and some others are not so interesting. And you never want your content to be less interesting and emotionally connecting to your audience. Claim Your Content Creation Checklist.

The stories that people relate to the most are those that have a lot of detail and emotion behind them. So, learn how to invoke emotions in your storytelling and content writing in general.

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Stories can bring you in and make you feel like you are being told a tale by your best friend. Good storytelling helps people relate to the product or service being presented, but only if it has emotion.

These are what we are going to be discussing today in Obehi Podcast and my guest is Chidera Judith. Chidera will be sharing her content creation experience with us. So, pay attention.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • How to apply storytelling in content writing,
  • How do find people and businesses to write for as a content writer,
  • How to upgrade your content writing skills to stand out in the market.

The Full Interview With Chidera Judith

About The Guest: Chidera Judith

Chidera Judith Chukwukelu is from Awka Etiti, Anambra State, Nigeria. She is a First-Class Graduate of English Language and Literature.

Chidera is a remarkable storyteller and strategic content writer. She has worked as a freelance blogger for Today’s Wedding, and a lead writer for Christ the King Wordsmiths. She is known for her content and stories which cut across every field in the business world.

Currently, she is working on a story about a child who was a victim of Congenital Clubfoot.

Chidera is known for her flair for writing. She aims to bring writing to humanity by shaping the business world through content creation.

So far, she has held a seminar tagged “The Spirit of a Writer” which was aimed at helping budding writers grow in the writing world.

She has also helped some start-up businesses write sales copies that were aimed at creating awareness and visibility for such businesses.

You can connect with Chidera Judith on her LinkedIn page.

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