Yasmeen N. Hayes Talks About How To Be Successful In Digital Media Production

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Are you in the business of content creation and digital media? Then you will find today’s episode of Obehi Podcast particularly useful. Digital media production encompasses various methods of digitally creating, enhancing, encoding, and distributing media, using computer hardware and software. Digital media content comes in videos, graphics, audio files, and written texts. Claim Your Content Creation Checklist.

Digital media production without good planning is doomed to fail, beginning with organizing your pre-production. But don’t worry. In the words of Yasmeen N. Hayes “I help youth and entrepreneurs share their story using live streaming”.

In the course of this episode of Obehi Podcast, our guest, Yasmeen will reveal what you need to know so you can be successful in your media production business.

The Key Questions In This Episode

  • How to start a digital media production business,
  • Can you tell me more about the business model,
  • The use of storytelling in digital media production,
  • The importance of embracing technology in today’s media production businesses.

About The Guest: Yasmeen N. Hayes

Yasmeen Hayes is a digital media producer and content creator specializing in live video streaming. She started live streaming in 2015 and, years later, founded Urban Stream Media, a live stream production company.

Since the founding of Urban Stream Media, Yasmeen has helped her clients grow their programs and expand their outreach using live video. Her client portfolio includes educational institutions, nonprofits, and small businesses.

The company is based out of New York City and was born after the successful development of “Streaming With Yas” a weekly live streaming show hosted on Twitter (Periscope.tv) and Facebook Live.

The company provides live stream video services to businesses, nonprofits, and private clients, all to amplify a client’s mission through live video.

You can contact Yasmeen Hayes at her LinkedIn page

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