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If you are a human being then you are born of a woman. So, you will agree with me that women are powerful agents of change in every society. More than ever before, we are looking for women in the position of leadership. Join our Content Creation Academy

Being a great woman in leadership means that you are not afraid to bring different angles to a situation while solving problems in your unique way.

To be a better woman leader and a top-notch executive in an organization, your need training, a lot of training – from mindset to great leadership skills. These and more are what we are talking about in today’s episode of Obehi podcast.

Helping us to make sense of this conversation is Teresa K. Page, a US-based new performance coach.

Some Key Points in This Episode

  • Th role of mindset for women in business,
  • What makes a good leader in business?
  • How to develop the right mindset for women’s leadership in business.

The Full Interview with Teresa K. Page

About The Guest: Teresa K. Page

Teresa K. Page is a new performance coach who helps professional women heal and reclaim their confidence to reenter the workplace with fresh fire and purpose after being displaced, made redundant, or taken time away from their previous careers.

After serving the public and private education sectors for seventeen years, Teresa is honored to lend her experience as a servant leader to impact her new assignment with Teresa K. Page, LLC.

Through the mediums of Performance Coaching, Personal Development Webinars, Motivational Speaking, and Signature Events, it is Teresa’s vision to become a trusted development resource that supports Organizations in their efforts to enhance the success of women within our global communities, marketplaces, and economies.

Employing faith and practical principles in Love, Teresa demonstrates how its effective power can be utilized as a skillset to renovate her clients’ leadership mindset as they seek new career adventures or entrepreneurial ventures of high value.

She also believes that Love is a gamechanger that gives us all an edge to be innovative in business; powerful in influence; fully present for our teams and stakeholders; knowledgeable in industry trends and benevolent in our community service careers to heavily impact change here in the 21st Century!

Born in the house of Missionary Sarah M. Page and the late Elder Mr. William B. Page, Sr., Teresa Page is the sixth of seven siblings raised in rural North Carolina. Since her graduation from high school, Page has attained her BSBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, and Coaching Graduate Certificate from Grand Canyon University.

You can reach Teresa K. Page on her business page Teresakpage.squarespace.com

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