How To Develop Your Soft Skills Today – Basics Of Soft Skills

As the economy becomes more automated with many industries now using artificial intelligence in their operations, the workplaces as we used to know it have dramatically changed, and that is also true with our interpersonal relations on the street. Do you want to know how to develop your soft skills so you can better engage with people?

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Yesterday morning, I was outside in Verona city where I went to have a coffee and I meet an old friend we don’t meet quite often, despite the fact that Verona is a small city of a little above 250, 000 residents. With our expresso in-between us on a small wooden table in the coffee bar, I asked him: you have been away from work now for over 6 months due to the covid19 pandemic, offices are under lock and key when you eventually return to work, how do you think you will feel in the first few days?

My friend tried to laugh, he nearly pours the hot coffee his body while sipping from it, and he said: “you are worried about the abandoned offices. When this lockdown is over, I am going to be a stranger in my workplace”. For a while, I reflected on what my friend said and I think he is right. We should be concerned about the people who at the end of this lockdown are going to become strangers in their workplaces.

Of the current economic disruption or transformation, if you like, there is something to be said. Usually, the disruption in the economy, whether you are talking of the industrial revolution of the 1700s and 1800s, The Great Depression of 1900s, or the big Digital Revolution in the 2000s, people have often seen the disruption as a work in progress.

I mean, they go to work as usual and they see what they used to know changing in front of them and a new way of doing thing emerging. They return home, talking about the changes and making necessary adjustments to fit in. It is usually a working economy. But this is different. Can you feel it?

Millions of people as of the time of writing this article are lockdown in their homes and they are busy watching the television. But what kind of world is waiting for them at the end of the lockdown, when covid19 would have been defeated? So, as my friend has said, we need to worry about us who will likely become strangers in our workplaces and that is not all. Sorry to say that not all the workplaces will be able to reopen and that can be very bad to realise if we do not quickly retrain our skills so we can find a new opportunity in the market.

This is a very hard and rough time for everyone and I do not have the intention of sugar-coating it for you. So prepare yourself. The best way to be certain of the future is to design it yourself. Now, let’ consider some of the things you can do right away to start developing your soft skills because those are the best instruments we have right now.


Connect Your Mobile Phone to the Internet

I really do hope that this current lockdown comes to an end before you read this article. And if that happens then part of the problem is already solved. If you happen to be out of a job through this problem that is not your making, look for anyone to hook up as soon as possible, because you need to pay your bills and eat and the end of the day.

Then turn on your mobile phone to acquire knowledge where you might be lacking because there will always be jobs for the mind that can add value to the marketplace.

I see a lot of people wasting their time on the internet, just flipping through other people’s posts. Listen, you cannot do that because by so doing you are not building any equity with your time. Behind the unspecified walls of the Internet, are pools of useful information you can use to add values to yourself, but that information no matter how valuable it might be will never come out looking for you.

Instead of wasting time on Facebook, scrolling posts and consuming information that will not take you anywhere, why not start learning how to start your own business online, learn how to write so you can freelance for different companies in the comfort of your own home, and get paid in the process.

Don’t limit yourself. With the infinite resources now available on the internet, you won’t find it too difficult to get even free information that you can use. The internet is absolutely one of the most important inventions in human history. – our online training classes are available for you. Are you ready to take advantage of it to educate yourself? Well, the choice is yours.


How to Develop Soft Skills in the Workplace

Another way to developing your soft skills is through the work you do or in your workplace. In fact, that is one of the best advantages of working in an established organisation because they have many things to teach you, so you can do their work well. But surely, no one will ever take away the skills you have learned. Those are yours to keep and they are the keys to your better future.

Ok, I am not saying that the salary is not good. But let me be honest with you. If salary is the only thing you are truly gaining in your workplace, then you are cheating yourself. Of course, it not possible, except the company you are working for is hiding inside a rock.

As I have been saying since the first day of this month and this year, Soft skills revolve around interpersonal relationships, a good level of communication, and attitude. By nurturing these skills, you can greatly increase your efficiency whether you are working for a company or for yourself.  

I want to repeat this for this last time: develop your communication, strengthen your interpersonal skills because you absolutely need them to better navigate through this fast-changing world.

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