Ivy Barreto Talks About Business Management And Emotional Mapping

Ivy Barreto Talks About Business Management And Emotional Mapping

Today in Obehi Podcast, we are going to be talking about business management and emotional mapping.Claim Your Content Creation Checklist.

Management is the coordination and organization of company activities. It oversees operations, motivates employees to do their best, and helps make sure they have a great working and life balance. They also supervise or train new employees, who may be junior staff members.

I am sure that sounds right to you. But how do you approach it the right way so you can get a better result?

The Key Questions In This Episode:

  • How does Business Management really work?
  • How do you develop management skills?
  • What is Emotional mapping?
  • And how do you deal with burnout in your business and workplace?

These and more are what we are going to be considering in this episode of Obehi Podcast, and our guest today is an extraordinary woman with a gorgeous personality, Ivy Barreto.

“I was always a people person; somebody that was always eager… so the bosses always put me in the right places with the right people, which facilitate my growth.”

The Interview With Ivy Barreto

About The Guest: Ivy Barreto

Ivy Barreto is a Relationship and Business Coach, Consultant, and Emotional Geographer. She was born in Rome, Italy, and grew up in her young adolescent years in Portugal.

Ivy completed her studies in Interior Architecture in Ireland and went on to complete postgraduate studies in Project Management.

She is a Relationship & Business Accountability Coach, mostly known as ‘the Business Relationship Architect’.

Her core objective, as a Business Coach, is to assist individuals and businesses to unlock their hidden potential and maximize their performance.

You can contact Ivy Barreto at Hugsconsultancy.com

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