7 Business Technology Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Are you looking for a tech tool to help grow your business? Do you want to know how the right Business technology can save you time and money so that your business can grow much faster? Then keep reading.

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Millions of business owners are looking for the right tools to help in the smooth running of their businesses. In this article are 7 business technology tools to help you grow your business so pay attention to them.

By business tools, we are referring to all the systems, applications, controls and calculating solutions you can use to better organize and improve your business performance. Now, let’s look at some of them more closely.

Use Google Calendar to keep track of your time and more organized

The primary use of a calendar is to keep track of your time. Having a business calendar enables you and your employees to always manage time effectively. Google calendars provide a number of features that will help facilitate and effectively manage your business. Some of the features work best with google suites account.

Google regularly updates its business tools to make the service even more efficient. Some of the new features in google calendar include;

  • Schedule view: This allows you to place your calendar and your employees’ calendar side by side. It gives you a simplified view of your schedule alongside your employees. With this feature, the problems of forgetting your appointments can be considered solved.
  • Traces world time clock: If your business has an international presence that works with customers from different time zones, you will benefit from this feature. Google calendar has a world clock that can help you identify when your customers in a different time zone are busy or sleeping. This world clock feature eases the stress of an improper schedule against a proposed meeting you have with a client in a different time zone.
  • Reminder space: Google calendar also provides a reminder space where you can fix a later-date event. However, the reminder space allows you to conveniently share a schedule with your employees.

With that said, let’s consider another technology tool that can help you improve your business performance, QuickBooks.

QuickBooks can help you keep a record of your business activities

Most business owners fail to keep a record of their activities. As a business owner, you will not know if your business is making progress or experiencing some setbacks if you don’t keep a good record of your cash flow (income and expenditure).

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

Making use of QuickBooks to record your business proceedings is highly recommendable. It helps you to better Identify what exactly is your asset or liabilities. It’s safe in the cloud, as it allows you to accumulate your account information all in one place.

Quickbooks also allows you time to create a quality invoice for your customers and stores the names of your debtors and when the date for their payment is due.

Automatically replies to people’s messages with Chatbot

Many a time, replying to customers’ queries, inquiries, and much more consumes energy and might lead to monotony and a reduction in customers’ engagement with a business.

The number one priority of every business is to gain their customer’s support. Therefore, they should increase their level of conversation with the customers.

Manually replying to chats can be tiring and that’s the more reason you should start message automation that will promote a good relationship between you and your customers.

Chatbots is an Artificial Intelligence that replies automatically to people’s messages and queries. It helps to reduce monotony in conversation and poor relationships with brands and customers.

Botup is a strong chatbot builder. It allows you to automate your message on WhatsApp, Instagram, and some other social media platforms you might already be using for your business. Botup has thousands of users that build easy chatbots with it, and it gives its new users a one-month free trial subscription.

Use Asana to manage your business tasks

Asana is a technology tool that helps to manage your tasks. Most times, businesses encounter a series of difficulties, trying to manage all the tasks they have at hand. And these difficulties lead to poor task management among teams.

Using Asana makes work more efficient for almost any type of business. It enhances effective task management among teams. As a tech tool, Asana has so many features you will find highly useful in running your day-to-day business.

  • It helps to better organize projects and assign a portion to individuals in a group.
  • It blends work into manageable equals for co-workers.
  • It specifies due dates and starts dates to every member so that everyone would be well aware of when to start the project and the deadline to submit the projects.

Become more efficient in your business with Hootsuite

Making regular posts on social media can be exhausting especially when only one person is managing several accounts on many social media platforms.

While it is important to make a post if you want to maintain your brand’s identity, coming up with a better idea of how to make posts at the right time to communicate with your target audience and customers is not a very simple task. But thanks to Hootsuite, that difficult job has now become much simpler and more efficient.

This tech tool highlights the right time to make posts. It enables you to create a schedule for each post you want to make and specifies the time to make each post.

Bitdefender can help protect your online business

Due to the ever-increasing rate of cybercrime such as phishing, malware, and others. Businesses lose their data and resources quite easily. Having a security tech tool like Bitdefender will ensure to protect your resources and data from being hacked and accessed by some cyber-criminals.

Bitdefender’s features help to secure your devices from thefts. It provides

  • real-time protection.
  • Threat defense.
  • Prevention of web attacks and more.

Last but not least of the 7 business tools for your business is Dropbox. And what is Dropbox? So, let’s find out.

Use Dropbox to grow your business

Dropbox is a technology tool that enables users to save data to the cloud. Dropbox has cloud storage that ranges from 1000- 2000 TB. Businesses are expected to use this to store their data for security reasons and you can have access to your data whenever you want.

Dropbox saves you the energy of carrying an external hard drive from place to place. Plus, Dropbox storage doesn’t crash, unlike external hard drives that can easily crash and all the data stored in it dissipates into thin air. Dropbox is mostly flexible to use than an external hard drive.

Your key takeaways 7 business technology tools to help you grow your business

With the help of technology tools, many companies are now able to streamline their operations which has helped increase their efficiency. One of the ways that this is accomplished is through data flow and contact management tools.

These help to maintain company contacts and employee records, as well as track process details, thereby helping businesses to reduce costs.

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