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More than ever before, a lot of entrepreneurs are continuously looking for ways to promote their businesses, convert traffic to profitable leads, retain their customer base and customers loyalty. Irrespective of the size of your business, promoting your business should be an essential thing to do after venturing into the business. Learn about Content Promotion Basics

In today’s video, we are going to be discussing 7 ways you can employ to promote your business.

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What is Business promotion?

Business promotion is a marketing communication where you inform your customers or audience about the advantages of your products or services in a way to get them to buy from you. It’s also a means of making your business available to your customers. In other to succeed in today’s environment, you first have to find a business you can venture into so you can then work towards promoting the business to the mass.

Now, let’s look at some of the tips to promote your business today. And make sure you pay attention to them all.

So, let’s dive in!!!

Create A Business Website:

The world is fast becoming more technologically advanced and online these days. So, in other, for your business to be successful, you need to have a business website. Having a website will help you to easily market your products or services. It will also give your business the credibility it needs and at the same time, help to create the impression that your business is sophisticated and is successful.

Lately, what people do mostly is surf the internet, and lookup for brands that sell the products they need. Once they figure out the brands, they go directly into their website to know about the quality of their products and services before making a purchase from them. That’s why you need to have your business website so that it would be easier for customers to look out for your business.

What’s more? Through your business website, customers can easily identify your company’s location, your most appealing offers and many more.

In addition to that, creating a website will help in promoting your business because;

  • It will allow customers easy access to information about your company.
  • It will portray your business as a professional venture. Now, imagine on the contrary where a customer wants to make a purchase from you and goes to look for information about your brand on the search engine and suddenly find out that you don’t have a website. That would be a huge turnoff. It would write your business as an unprofessional one. Thus, your visibility will start to depreciate. But when you have a website, it will generate more leads for your business.
  • It will give you a long-lasting value: when compared to other marketing strategies like the publication of your company’s products in magazines or newspapers which literally costs more and drive less traffic to a business, and also seem to last for a short while, but when you have a website, it will give you long-lasting value because millions of people tend to make use of their mobile devices, compared to reading newspapers and magazines.

Therefore, in order to promote your business, create a professional website that centres on your company’s products or services which would serve as an answer to the audience that is curious about discovering your brand’s identity.

Now, let’s consider another tip on how to promote your business “SEO”.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

It’s very important to have a website but it’s even more important to make it visible to the users? This is where SEO comes into play. Website ranking on the search engines is very crucial and it’s the fastest way to reach your target audience. Many people don’t seem to have the time to click on the next page of a search engine rather they stick to the first results that show on their screen when they type in their query.

Now, for your website to be among the first results of a search engine you need to employ the use of keywords. Keywords are those phrases that are popularly used by audiences when searching for answers to their questions on the search engine. For instance, if your niche is coaching or in the travel industry, discover the keywords that are widely used by researchers and create your content around Them.

You can also seek the help of SEO experts who can help you and work on the process for your website to be ranked highest on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Also, you can carry out keyword research on sites like Serpstat, SEMrush, Keywords everywhere, etc.

Consider Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective means of promoting a business. It’s a sure way of retaining customers and getting new leads. It strictly allows you to communicate directly with your audience. However, only a few business owners truly understand how important it is to engage their customers through email marketing.

It is from email marketing that you get to remind your customers of your latest products and stay in touch with them. Now, for you to gain access to your customers or audience email address, you have to always have an email sign-up box on your website.

This can produce great results for you once your audience signs up in that box because it will accord you the opportunity to learn more about your customers. Most companies that employ the use of email marketing have not just created awareness about themselves but tend to retain their leads through this measure.

However, they create emails consistently to remind their customers about them but you have to carve out better ways to be emailing your audience just so you avoid bombarding them with emails. For example, you can choose to be emailing your audience every Monday or maybe once every month.

What makes this more fun is that you can make use of email marketing tools to track how successful your email campaign was. It will show you the delivery rate, bounce rate, click-through rates, etc. Through these, you will have a clear vision of how your campaign resonates with your target audience or if you need to change your strategy.

Promote Your Business Through Social Media Ads

The importance of social media cannot be left out. So how can you make effective use of social media to promote your business? Everyone in all corners of the world makes you of social media, although some people make wrong use of it, there are ways you can put your brand rightly on social media.

Before putting your business on social media, have clear and defined goals that will serve as your driving force. For example:

  • Is your goal to generate website traffic or to retain your customer base?
  • Is it to increase your brand’s visibility or to increase your sales?

The answers to these questions need to be clear in your head.

Once you get clarified on your goals then it will be easy for you to put your business out in the space. Also, consider the kind of products you sell or services you render in other for you to discover which platform will work best for you.

Among other benefits, the correct use of social media platforms will allow you to:

  • Create brand awareness in a low-cost manner.
  • Easily boost your website traffic and lead generation.
  • Build loyal customers that will always stick to your brand, etc.

Once you apply the use of social media platforms to advertise your brand then promoting your business wouldn’t be far-fetched.

Create valuable content and add a call to action

High-quality means that the content is created with the user’s needs in mind and not for the search engine. Create contents that will provide solutions to your audience, let them know how beneficial your products or services will be to them. If you are selling hoodies, explain to them how comfy your hoodies are, their features, and what makes them better than other hoodies.

Create quality that to your business your audience would find helpful and share it along with their friends that might find it helpful too.

Also, when sharing your content add your call to action. Use words that will trigger them to ask questions or compel them to take the necessary actions. Let the call to action serve as your hook line and sinker that will attract more people to your business.

Some common examples of call to action you can use are, “buy now ” would you want to be the first to benefit from the offer? and more.

So, through this you will purge your audience’s emotions and nudge them to take actions you want them to take, hence your business productivity will definitely increase.

Consider The Use of Videos in Your Business Promotion

Videos have become so widely used in the virtual world today. A larger percentage of internet users prefer watching videos to reading written articles. Also, videos retain information longer in our minds through the power of images than written content. That’s the more reason you shouldn’t ignore the use of videos in promoting your business in the online space. If you pay attention, you will discover that this is also one of the strategies we encourage a lot in Aclasses Medias.

Recently, Facebook and LinkedIn have made it possible and encouraged users to upload videos in their profile in replace of a picture. Therefore, create videos that slide off your product and attach them to your profile.

You also need to be active on video platforms like YouTube.

Once you have a popular channel it will attract people from all angles to your brand hence promoting your business the more. You can comment on other people’s videos that are related to your niche.

What are the key benefits of video in marketing? You might want to ask. Well, here are some of them.

  • It ranks your brand higher in the search engine.
  • It increases your website traffic.
  • It led to the conversion of website visitors to regular customers.
  • It increases your customers’ buying decisions and many more.

So, pay attention to that. The last tip I want to share with you about business promotion today is “Word of Mouth”. Yes, word of mouth still counts these days.

Word Of Mouth

Half of the businesses that have bloomed today is as a result of referral strategies, made by people. For your business to increase, you should always create a lasting impression on your current customers because it is from their referral that other people would get to know about your business or services.

So, having seen these seven tips, it will be easy for you to figure out the best strategy that you would incorporate in your business promotion strategy.

I hope you have gotten some value from today’s video. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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