The Power Of Communication And How To Own Your Voice With Michelle Borel

The Power Of Communication And How To Own Your Voice With Michelle Borel

Finding your own voice is crucial to successful career development in today’s world. One good way to start can be by recognizing the people you admire and taking inspiration from them to develop your own style. Join our Content Creation Academy

From the people you admire, you could study how they communicate, how they comport themselves, and how they show up, so you pinpoint what you truly admire about them?

You may find they have many similar qualities to yourself which is why you are drawn to them as a character.

One of the main skills we need to learn in order to find and own our unique voice is self-knowledge, so really reflecting on what you like and admire about this character is going to be helpful to you.

With me to help us better make sense of today’s episode of Obehi podcast is Michelle Borel, a radio personality, and television host. She will be joining me from Trinidad and Tobago via skype.

Some Key Points in This Episode

  • How to get started in owning your voice,
  • Understanding the importance of communication,
  • Learning how to market yourself and your offers and much more.

The Full Interview with Michelle Borel

How you can Own Your Voice

The power of communication refers to the ability to effectively convey thoughts, ideas, and emotions through speaking, writing, or other forms of expression. Good communication skills can build relationships, persuade others, and lead to personal and professional success.

Owning your voice means taking control of your communication style and using it in a confident and authentic way.

This can involve developing clear and concise language, being aware of nonverbal cues, and actively listening to others.

By owning your voice, you can effectively communicate your message and make a positive impact in your interactions with others.

About The Guest: Michelle Borel

Michelle Borel is a living example of the warrior woman. She formed the first female sound system in T&T and worked on the first radio station for women.

She has produced, marketed and hosted her own television show, and wet her feet in theatre thanks to the children’s play ‘Pinotitto!’ Michelle is one of the hosts of the morning show on 107.7FM Music for Life.

With two decades of experience in sales and marketing, working with international and local brands, this wife and mother of four believes in putting passion into action.

An inspired motivational speaker trained by Les Brown, Michelle has been invited to several online international events where she delivered her signature, Drop the ‘E’ in Ego & GO!

Her first poetry collection, Soulspection, won the Bocas Lit Fest – People’s Choice Book of The Year Award. She has co-authored numerous books and authored three children’s books thus far Magic Words with Max, Responsible Rosana and Now I’m Two. Virago was her formidable editorial debut.

This led to founding both Virago Global Publishing LLC & Virago Global NPO. She has also recently launched her 11th book that she has either authored or coauthored ‘Soulfully Yours.’ that landed number one in Latin America and the Caribbean on Amazon.

You can reach Michelle Borel on her personal website

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