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The content creation industry is here to stay. Content creation businesses focus on the production of (mostly digital) content in the form of audio, video, and text, which can then be distributed to the target audience in their preferred channel of consumption. Claim Your Content Creation Checklist.

While not all content creators usually include marketing in their business package, we usually recommend that as a content creator you need to know the basics of content marketing.

Don’t ignore that advice because it will help you generate better ideas for your audience and also for more efficient monetization of your content.

To learn more about content monetization, check out our previous articles in the series: How To Easily Monetize Your Digital Content.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • Getting started with content creation,
  • How to earn money with content,
  • Better content writing and social media experiences.

The Full Interview with Emodamori Precious

About The Guest: Emodamori Precious

Emodamori Precious is a trained photographer with good content writing and social media experiences. She has over eleven years of experience in content writing and social media marketing in Lagos, Nigeria.

Being a photographer, she uses high-quality images to communicate her message to the audience and puts smiles on people’s faces.

She uses different social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for marketing goods, and services, and to generate quality leads for her clients.

Her publications

As part of her passion, she has successfully authored, a Suicide Prevention Initiative, “How To Love Someone Who is Depressed and Suicidal”, and co-authored, “Life is Worth Living”, published in Canada.

She currently writes a mental wellness column in Effectual magazine and Iconic magazine.

Her blog site is www.idaretoblossom.org which has been ongoing since 2014. She is also the pioneer and a member of the board of Trustees at the I Dare To Blossom Foundation, registered in Nigeria with the Company and Allied Matter Act (C. A.C.)

You can reach Emodamori Precious at her blog site, Idaretoblossom.org

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