Artists Need To Learn The Business Side Of Their Creative Work with Laronz Murray

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Learn how to make money with your artistic works. One thing is to be creative and to love your creativity another thing is to turn your creativity into business and make good money from it. Claim Your Content Creation Checklist.

This is what we are talking about today in Obehi Podcast and we are fortunate to have Laronz Murray who is both an artist and an expert in the business of creativity. He will be joining us from New York, United States.

The Key Points In This Episode

With Laronz Murray, we will consider the following about the Business of creativity:

  • How to develop your artistic abilities,
  • What young artists need to know about the business side of their creative works,
  • How artists make money with their work and much more.

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About The Guest – Laronz Murray

It’s interesting to note that we are living in the era of the Billionaire Business Creative. Present-day case studies include billionaires Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, and Kanye West as examples of people mastering creativity with business (especially, Tyler Perry).

Multidisciplinary creative, LaRONZ MURRAY aka “The World’s Poetical Communicative Artist” is known for creating masterful artistic creations. As a leading art innovator, he’s created the “Language of Poetical Artistry” (L.O.P.A.) – the lifestyle brand of harmonizing multiple artistic disciplines in conveying a message.

He’s also the founder of the debuting online educational platform, Business Creatives University (Where Creatives Become More Business-Savvy). Discovered on 34th Street in New York City by JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT’s family member (Cheri M. Taylor) this led to his curated groundbreaking exhibition, “42nd Times Square Show – 80’s Revisited” (NYC, 2014) that featured BASQUIAT’S nephew, Response Basquiat performance.

As a Celebrity Creative Artist, he has worked with A-listers and cultural icons, including legendary photographer, JAMEL SHABAZZ.

Actually, this Original Jamel Shabazz Supermodel has appeared in magazines Jalouse, VIBE, Swagga Music, Essence, Blackbook, etc. As well as, coffee-table books like “Posing Beauty in African-American Culture” (Norton Press) by Dr. Deborah Willis.

Moreover, his forthcoming partly-artistic memoir, “Born On 34th Street – The Evolution of Revolutionary Artist, LaRONZ MURRAY)” reveals the painstaking details of his evolution into a leading art innovator.

However, in the grasp of his artistic success, he was missing out on premium success due to a lack of business acumen.

Unfortunately, it was during this time period of suffering from the starving artist syndrome that he finally invested in a business-minded mentor. This is when he learned how to make the distinction between his Creative and Business Mind.

As a result, this led LaRONZ MURRAY into mentoring, as well as, creating a global platform for other “Artists” to follow into their greatness. Through his companies, he’s created a plethora of resources to educate and empower Creatives and Artistic Entrepreneurs.

Presently, LaRONZ MURRAY’s new campaign “SMASHING THE STARVING ARTIST SYNDROME” is a program that helps Creatives optimize their business tools of operations.

As a Business Creative mentor he “helps Creatives and Artistic Entrepreneurs to implement the “Methodology of the 3-Ds” by turning their love for ART into a predictable and profitable business“.

The Methodology of the 3-D’s” is taught in Business Creatives University’s signature program, “Business Creative Blueprint Masterclass“.

For more information, check out his websites: (business) and (art).

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