Learn About the Right Principles of Business Leadership with Riaan Du Plooy

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As a good business leader, you need to be able to take fast and decisive action when needed, inspire others to become a better version of themselves, and have a clear vision and mission for your business or organization.

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In today’s episode of #ObehiPodcast, we are privileged to talk with Riaan Du Plooy, a dynamic and charismatic professional who understands the value of Lean Six Sigma philosophy and business leadership.

He will be joining us from South Africa and he will explain his experience of his business leadership to inspire others.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  1. How to get started in business leadership,
  2. What we should be looking out for in a good business leader,
  3. Recommendation on how to get better in business leadership.

The Full Interview with Riaan Du Plooy

About The Guest: Riaan Du Plooy

Riaan is a dynamic and passionate leader, coach, facilitator, and Process Improvement. He is an expert in Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 20+ years of hands-on experience, completing 500+ business improvement projects, driving significant results globally, and specializing in partnering with organizations to plan and execute ambitious and complex initiatives across all industries.

Riaan has a proven track record of creating sustainable results as well as building organizational competence to solve problems.

With degrees in Chemical Engineering and Business Analysis, Riaan possesses both the technical skills required to drive success as well as the experience to drive behavioral and cultural change across all functions, professionally.

You can connect with Riaan Du Plooy on his LinkedIn page.

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